Day 2. A tombstone, the first kiss, and a butterfly collection.

Day 2: Write a story that includes: a tombstone, a first kiss, and a butterfly collection . . .

“You know who ran ‘cross my mind de odder day?” I asked James after taking a swig of my beer. He glanced over at me waiting.

“Smitty” I answered.

“Smitteh” Benson bellowed. Olly smiled, and Neville hiccuped though I dont think it was about Smitty. Neville’s been under his liquor since we got here. Actually, he had a drunkman’s sway on his way in.

“Yeah,” I sighed. “Remember when we was likkle, during the summer?” I smiled up at them. “Remember when we use to dare Smitty fi run tru the grave yard down a Wakefield?” I chuckled, James laughed.

“Yow, I neva know seh Smitty cudda run so faas.” He breathed. “You see when Smitty took off, de man nayven run along the path ennuh. De man run it straight from point A to point B.” James laughed.

“Mi see de man hurdle de tombstone dem like him tink him name Maurice Wignall.” Benson chuckled.

“Aaaah” Olly bellowed as he laughed. “Unnu neva see when him kinpuppalick over Mrs. Cashuss grave when me did jump out and frighten de shit outta Smitty.” Olly flopped over dying of laughter.

“Das why he was screaming like a bitch?” James asked Olly who was barely able to nod his head from all his laughing. It was hilarious though and we all died of laughter too.

“Ah, Smitty” I sighed. I wont lie I missed the s.o.b. He was the happy go lucky type of guy, always cheerful, always fun to be around, always made you feel appreciated.

“I remember when Smitty had his first first kiss too. Sandra Bellamy.” I reminisced.  Benson had looked up, Olly sat up and took a swig of his beer. James looked at me raising an eyebrow.

“I didnt even know Smitty kissed a girl.” James replied a bit shocked. “Ever!” He emphasized. I laughed but then realized they all didn’t think Smitty had ever kissed a girl. Now I felt more elated to tell the story of a friend we all knew for years.

“Well,” I started. “You remember Sandra, from high school?” I asked James but he feigned interest in her. “Well, Sandra for some strange reason did love off Smitty. Everyday she follow him home after school, even though she lived on de odder side a school. One evening, she follow me and Smitty home but it started to rain. Smitty seh him couldn’t leave her out in de rain so him invited her in. My girl come in and investigate de whole house like she a police. When she finally fine Smitty room,” I glanced around, everybody still intent. Neville snored on in the background. “And she see him butterfly collection . . .”

“Hold on,” James held up a hand with his eyes closed, shaking his head. “Smitty, had a butterfly collection?” We all burst out laughing again.

“A. Butterfly collection.” Olly breathed through fits of laughter. Neville stirred at the outburst but just rolled over and got more comfortable.

“So what, she kissed him because of that? Because of his butterfly collection?” Asked Benson after catching his breath.

“Actually, that is what happened, yes. Thanks, Ruiner of Storytelling.” I scowled at Benson.


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