I decided to take a chance and try my hand at the Photo101 Challenge during the month of June. I’m generally a writer, aspiring to be a novelist one day, but in the mean time I dabble a little with Photography and more specifically Camera Phonography (if there is such a thing).

I just believe that with the advances in the camera aspect of most cellphones these days, I don’t necessarily need a DSLR or even a regular point and shoot. Aside from the fact that I feel a bit awkward with them, I find that it’s easier for me to whip my phone out and take a shot as opposed to pulling out my DSLR, lens, white balancing, adjusting shutter speeds and all these things. Sure its lovely to play around with the different components of the camera, but for me, it’s just simpler to use my phone.

So here lies the photos I’ve taken with my camera phone over the course of this challenge. If you want to find more of the photos I’ve taken over the years, you can follow me on Instagram here.

Day 1: Home & Getting Oriented

Day 2: Street & Establishing Shots

Day 3: Water & Orientation

Day 4: Bliss & Captions

Day 5: Solitude & The Rule of Thirds

Day 6: Connect and Tags

Day 7: Big and Point of View

Day 8: Natural World and Leading Lines

Day 9: Warmth and Quality of Light

Day 10: Mystery and Lighting Effects

Day 11: A Pop of Colour

Day 12: Architecture & Monochrome

Day 13: Moment and Motion

Day 14: Scale and Observation

Day 15: Landscape and Cropping

Day 16: Treasure and Close Up

Day 17: Glass

Day 18:

Day 19:

Day 20:


So tell me . . . what do you think?

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