About Me

First of all, Hi! Welcome 🙂 My name is Charlese, but you can call me Char, or Lesie, or Charlesie, or Charlese, or Charlie, or . . . you get the picture, right?!

Secondly, I’m 100% Jamaican, born and raised. So you may occasionally come across a Jamaican saying, phrase, way of life, but dont worry! If you dont get it, let me know and I will bruk it dung fi yuh! 😉

Thirdly, this is my second attempt at my very first blog. I have a lot, A LOT to learn. Bare with me a bit while I find my voice.

And Finally, enjoy!


  1. Pleased to meet you, Charlese! I like what you’re doing with the 30 day writing challenge– and I would be delighted to learn a Jamaican saying or two 🙂

    Good on you for your efforts with this blog. I am impressed by your eagerness to learn and look forward to hearing more of your voice as you search for and find it! All the best in your writing.

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    • Thanks so much Julie. That really means a lot 🙂
      I’ll be sure to incorporate the Jamaican language more so you can get the hang of it 😉
      I look forward to your posts as well, you provide great insight for newbies like me.
      Thanks again.

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  2. Do you mind my saying you look like a strong woman in character? I mean just looking at you I see a powerful woman with beauty and intelligence. I don’t normally comment in this manner, but each time I view one of your 101 offerings I cannot help but admire your photograph. You should be described in a book as an ideal heroine.
    Much Respect and Admiration

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    • Wow Ronovan, that is the best compliment I’ve ever gotten. Thank you so much. And thanks again for viewing my posts, and letting me know what you think. It is really appreciated, You are really appreciated.
      Much Respect and Blessings to you my friend 🙂


  3. One of he best parts of my day is when you like something I write.:) I run over here to see what new things you have for me, and if there isn’t anything. I at least get to see that happy face.
    Much Love and Respect


    • 🙂 What can I say? I like your writing, it’s quite different from everybody else’s and still so very real. I look forward to your posts as well, even though I may not see everything.

      Nuff nuff love, respect, and blessing for you 🙂


  4. Thanks for the like Charlese on my Rocket Raccoon illustration! Btw, your blog on ‘To be or not to be Best Friends Foreva!’ had me laughing and nodding in agreement, because I can completely relate to some of your stories. Friends come and go. Don’t lose sleep over it.


  5. Hello. Just read your interview. I have been blogging for more than six months now and I write fiction, memoir, concert and movie reviews, and interviews. I am particularly interested in travel writing. Would you be available to do another interview, with me, about why you love your home and what makes Jamaica such an amazing place? I would be honoured. I am in the process of starting a travel blog and am conducting interviews with interesting people around the world, living in all sorts of different spots. Thanks for your consideration. Greetings from Canada.


    • Hi Kerry, thanks for reading the interview and then perusing my blog – that means a lot to me. I would love to do such an interview with you, it sounds like a brilliant idea. I would even try to get local viewpoints for you if you like. So whenever you are ready, let me know and we can make it happen. Thank you for your consideration as well.
      Nuff Love from Ja! 🙂

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    • Yes that Chick V is dreadful, and the after effects – not so nice either.
      I sent you an email at jablogz.com with my contact details this morning. Let me know if you got it 🙂


  6. Hi. I don’t know if you remember me, but this is Kerry from Canada. 🙂 I contacted you here a while back about doing an interview. Well I have a travel blog now and I would love to speak to you about your country and your take on it. Here is my site:

    Let me know if you are still interested.
    Kerry/Her Headache/The Insightful Wanderer


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