Rain, Rain, Go Away

Come again another day . . .

As in, when I’m home with nowhere to go.

rain-on-roof-s800x800Don’t get me wrong, I love rain, as much as the next person. Especially when I have nowhere to go and the sound of rain on the zinc roof, through the trees, against the window pane, lull me to sleep. Yeah, rain is beautiful then, especially when you explore the world thereafter and find the greenest greens and bluest blues, and brightest fruits, and cleanest roads. Not to mention petrichor that somehow reminds me of country, home, and childhood days playing in the rain.

But the moment you have to go somewhere while it’s raining, this kinda changes your relationship with rain, doesn’t it?

Rainy-Day-2-960x640It’s only then that you remember, if you’re a lady like misself, that you wore slippers/sandals – or like me today I wore strappy wedges – and not water-weather kind of shoes. So before you know it, you’re ankle-deep in filthy street water, your jeans are wet and your feet are sliding in and out of the sandals.

You’d realize that you more than likely left your umbrella at home, or in the car because as far as you know it, there will be no rain today. But now you need it to get to the car and the only way to do so would result in you getting wet.

_KWH1888You would come to understand that if you drove or are getting driven, that traffic slows to a snail pace because people are generally afraid of getting their tires wet. Yes, traffic in any sense or circumstance irks me, especially when people are being silly about it. It rains for five minutes and there’s a little water on the road, suddenly we have peak hour, bumper to bumper traffic at 10am when everyone should be at work anyways, because people are afraid to get their cars wet in the first place. Why are you on the road then?

rihanna-umbrellaThen there’s the fact that even though you may for once, be dressed for the weather, as in you have on sneakers or by some miracle you have water boots in your car – in Jamaica, only gardeners and farmers have water boots though I plan to invest in a pair after today. You may have what we call a ‘house an lan’ umbrella (umbrellas the size of a house with an outhouse and garage and everything, ready for you to move in), and you may even have a raincoat or a sweater that is weather proof, but chances are, you will end up half wet anyways. Why? Because the action of getting into or out of a car will always result in you literally getting half wet.

Don’t believe me, wait until it rains one day and try to get out of your car whether you have an umbrella or not. You will still get wet.

For the ladies, our hair automatically goes limp, some others go frizzy, others puff up to astronomical proportions; I don’t know why but our makeup seems to follow suit. And then our clothes feel laden and soggy especially when we get wet getting in or out of the car.

Rain days, as lovely as everyone would have you believe, are miserable days, especially when you’ve experienced all of the above within five minutes of it raining, only for the skies to clear up, the sun to pop back out, and all indication of rain suggests that you were a crazy person to begin with.

Like seriously Rain, if you’re going to put me with this drama you should at least try to get everybody else with it.

I’m just saying . . .

So tell me . . . what do you think?

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