Mi nuh get it!

You should know (or realise) by now that I have a thing about Driving, right?!

After having self-imposed a speed limit of 60kmph at the beginning of the year, I’ve found myself far (well, not far but . . .) exceeding that speed limit. Not that I’m always in a rush per say, I just can NOT stand being forced to drive slower than that. And it has nothing to do with the need for speed. I just can’t . . .

But my problem goes further than sticking to the 60 cap. I’ve already discussed the slow-pokes, the miggle-laners (those who drive in the middle of the road, on the dashed line), the confused (those who know not where they’re going), and the downright inconsiderate.

Today, amma discuss Motorcyclists.

Woody’s face says it all!

Why should us four-wheel drivers, look out for motorcyclists when they don’t seem to care about their own well-being?

Mi nuh get it.

I’ve sat at the head of the line at a stop light, on many occasions, and a motorcyclist rides up on the outside, and as the light changes to green, he dashes across the front of my car to go in the opposite direction.

Now if that’s not reckless riding, slap me silly and call me Sally, because a don’t get it.

Ignoring the fact that ‘Safely’ does not have a ‘T’ in it . . . This!

Is there a driving test that these motorcyclists take, like all drivers should?! Or are they just given a license because is a bike demma ride and that don’t count?! Why is it that the police see it fit to stop me if I bad-drive smaddy, but motorcyclists almost get a badge of honour for dilly-dallying in traffic and frustrating the bejeezus out of drivers?

Why is it, and this has to be my biggest grouse . . . why is it that motorcyclists will ride their little bikes in the miggle of the lane and force me to drive behind them at 20kmph but as soon as we buck up on traffic, dem fly gone, down the road between the cars like it’s nothing?!

image (5)

Mi not getting it!

Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t hate motorcyclists. In fact, when I was younger, I often thought how economical it would be to get a bike/scooter instead of a car. If not for the ‘open to all elements’ factor, I probably would own a pimped-out purple scooter/moped, and I think I would look hot too. Lol!

Is this not a hot moped?! I loves it!

I just think motorcyclists think they should get away with ridiculous and reckless behaviour. It’s just not fair . . . and mi still don’t get it!

So tell me . . . what do you think?

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