Starting in January I decided to read a new book each month so as to broaden my horizon and vocabulary, to break certain habits and build new ones, and to study different authors and their writing styles. This is so that I can develop my writing style, and actively work on writing my own book, based on what I’ve read, liked and disliked.

Below is the list of the types of books I want to explore this year, but I’m finding that this list is not static and will evolve over time.

A book that’s difficult to read – Seeds of Earth by Michael Cobley

A book that became a movie – Divergent by Veronica Roth

A forgotten classic – Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

A book with non-human characters

A funny book – The Tenth Life of Mr. Whiskers by R.A. Gates

A book of short stories or poems

A book of non-fiction

A best-selling book

A book based on a true story

A book a friend loves – Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan,  as suggested by Patrick Reid

A book that scares me – The Talisman by Stephen King & Peter Straub (incomplete)

A book with an epic love story

These categories I found on this Reading Bingo Card which I thought was just brilliant.

And as I said, this list will change. I can tell you that by having read Divergent I feel the need to read the second and third instalment of this trilogy, which leads me to the next category of books I want to read:

A trilogy of books – The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth

I will update this page with the books I’ve read.

I hope you enjoy one, some, or all of them.


  1. A Book Based on a True Story: The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.
    A Book of Non-Fiction: I Am Malala or Audre Lorde’s The Cancer Journals.
    A Funny Book: Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me? by Mindy Kaling


  2. Oh, and A Book of Short Stories: The Thing Around Your Neck by Chimamanda Adichie… definitely that one, if none of the others.


  3. Sorry, last one… A Book that Scare Me: Pet Cemetery by Steven King
    ahhhh one more.. .Forgotten Classic: Rebecca. (SO GOOD)


    • I was thinking about a Stephen King book to scare me, will consider Pet Cemetery although I’m already scared of it :/ and I dont know Rebecca, I will check that one out too. Thanks 🙂


      • When I was looking for a scary read, I asked a friend of mine who is a horror/terror/Gothic guru and he handed me Pet Cemetery. I thought, really? I had seen the movie.. not the most terrifying flick. But I read the book and it will never enter my house again. The physical book Scares me. Steven King knows how to make a reader feel like they are losing their minds.

        Rebecca is probably one of the most overlooked and most entertaining of classics. It’s a page turner. I read it at stoplights.


  4. Brilliant. Books are like breathing to me. Love this page and the challenge you’ve set for yourself. There are so many books and so little time to read all the ones I would like. You’ve got to start somewhere I suppose. Book that I couldn’t finish because it scared me would have to be The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty. I wish you all the success in the world with getting to read as many books as you would like.


    • Oooo, I don’t think I could even attempt to read the Exorcist. I haven’t even been able to watch any of the remakes. I just cant. But I love reading good books. A lot of the categories listed are not what I’d normally go for so it has been a challenge and I’m still struggling. Haven’t finished the Talisman (by Stephen King) yet :/, nor have I moved onto any other book either (been swamped with school work). But thanks for your well wishes. Hopefully I can pick up back at the end of the month.


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