Dear Cheese,

A wah me do you mek you do me so? Is it because I love you so much? Is it because I can’t get enough of your flavourful flava?! Is it because you add so much life to anything mi add you to?

Beautiful Cheese

A wah? You want me to stop partook of your cheesiness?! You well want me to give you up, doan? You waan mi ack like mi nuh know you? You waan me move on to a Cheese of a diffrant variety, of a diffrant class, of a diffrant station? A dat?! You want me move on?!

A love you ennuh, but the sore throat, runny and stuffy nose, the headaches you cause, the weakness in ma gizzard, mek mi wonda if you really worth it. I would say yes on any given day, but not tiddeh!

You hear me Cheese?

Not tiddeh!

You push me to this point. I can’t take di abuse no more. I can’t take the mistreatment none tall. You and I are done . . . well, not completely done, more like on pause. I cyaan deal! Mi a struggle to breathe sake a you. So becaw me love my life, mi haffi call it a day with you.

Learning to live and love without you . . .


So tell me . . . what do you think?

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