30 Day Writing Challenge

Writing has become a favourite pass-time of mine lately. But to get into the frame of mind of doing this everyday, my boyfriend and I decided to attempt a 30 Day Creative Writing Challenge. Here’s the link to the Challenge:


We haven’t completed the challenge as yet but I will post my daily stories here. Please feel free to comment and enlighten me. I know grammar will be an issue, and for the record – in Jamaica we use English spelling and grammar, so apologies if my spelling is off to you.

I’ll also see if I can sneak one of my boyfriend’s stories every now and then 😉 but don’t tell him.

Update 24/10/13:

Below is the list of stories I did for the 30 Day Creative Writing Challenge.

Day 1: The Apartment

Day 2: A tombstone, the first kiss, and a butterfly collection

Day 3: The Title

Day 4: The Character

Day 5: The Date

Day 6: Mary Brown’s Bakery*

Day 7: The Phone Call*

Day 8: In 20 words or less

Day 9: Orange sky in the morning

Day 9.2: Over by Marta’s

Day 10: The Leaky Inn*

Day 11: Interview with a Tyrant

Day 12: Oh Jimmy

Day 13: Changes

Day 14: A blind man, a tent, and a train

Day 15: The other side of an argument

Day 16: Bryan’s Rhapsody

Day 17: Julia’s Trip*

Day 18: Eglinton

Day 19: Desperate Measures

Day 20: Should I be afraid of the dark?

Day 21: The Risen Star

Day 22: Rude Awakening

Day 23: The Next Chapter

Day 24: Poor Treva!*

Day 25: The Betrayal

Day 26: Who are we?

Day 27: That night in Tenn

Day 28: A Story and a Day

Day 29: Mi dear ma’am

Day 30: I have yet to complete this story :/ I know, I know, this is terrible! But for some reason this particular story has me boggled and no matter how I envision a story in my mind, its trickier to put it all down on paper. But I haven’t given up on it, I’m just procrastinating completing this challenge. Can you believe that? I procrastinate in completing something that I have only ONE Thing to do . . . sigh, sad!

The ones I’ve astericked* are my personal favourite. Tell me what are your favourites, if you’ve read them all.

February UPDATE: took me a while, I know, but I’ve finally completed the 30 Day Creative Writing Challenge with Day 30 below . . .

Day 30: The Door


  1. Howdy, Thank You for following American Male I hope you stop by and visit us soon! Real Housewives Oh I won’t judge (okay maybe a little he he just kidding) I took the 30-day writing challenge back in January I ran out of things to right write about by day 16. But it was an amazing and surprisingly not to stressful undertaking. To get into the creative mood is a challenge to say the least, but once you reach that place where everything is flowing its simply awesome! Even for a horrible writer like myself I defiantly enjoyed the experience.


    • Wow, I cant tell you how good it is to hear you did the 30 day writing challenge. I would love to read some of your stories if you have them posted. I’ve been stuck a couple of times, as a matter of fact I’m stuck now with 4 days left…. yeah, thats bad I know. It is hard for me to generate a story idea out of thin air. I’m not quite there yet, but the challenge pushes me and forces me to do just that and I like it.
      Thanks for stopping by though, and for commenting. That means a lot to me 🙂


  2. what kind of writing will you be doing? I mean I write nearly every day… but it could be in my blog… my personal journal… and of course on any story i’m writing… but i always feel weird about these challenges because it’s always when i have to write when it feels like nothing can come… plus now that i’m in college and have to constantly do homework i feel all my creativity draining away… but i would say attempt to write no matter what but if you have to skip a day… well it happens… 😀 and good luck!


    • Well, honestly, I haven’t thought very far into what I’m going to write. I’ve started a collection of short stories (not the ones I’ve posted) and – this is why I was interested in your zombie story – I want to write a zombie book myself. Haven’t started that yet, still feel too young to start but yeah, that’s my current dream.
      I find though, that I need the prompts from the challenge, to get me thinking, and writing on a regular basis, which hasn’t been that regular.
      But, thank you for passing by and the good luck, and good luck on your books as well.


  3. for me… i have a notebook… and any time i have any idea for a book i jot it down… whether it’s a sentence or several pages… and then when i really think i got a hold of a story i start typing it up though i will still use the notebook for bits and pieces… cause it’s always like if you don’t write it down you’ll lose it… so even if the idea is ridiculous it gets noted…

    and what do you mean you feel too young to start? it’s never too early to start working towards your dreams…


    • Its like you said, you’re not quite sure where to start your story. Its the same with me. I make my notes yes, and I have my characters outlined, I’m just not sure where to start, how to start, those kind of things. But you’re right, I’m never too young to start anything. Maybe that’s really what the first, second and third drafts are for. So I really should get started on it, yes. Thanks for the encouragement as well 😉


  4. Wow, so impressive. This looks like a great writing idea to try out. Not sure I could do it though.
    I was wondering if you’d like to be part of a book I’m working on about writing? Just want to give people an opportunity to have their words included. There are some writing questions you are free to answer, anything from a sentence to a paragraph is fine. Just quick, simple, real, honest, raw words.
    Why do you love writing?
    How important is your writing space/where is your favourite writing space?
    What are your favourite writing tools?
    All good if you want to decline. just thought I’d check. I do need the answers asap though if you want to be included. But just instant responses is fine – sometimes the most raw and honest words come out that way.
    And can I grab your name, age and country to be included too? Feel free to email if your prefer: wordslikesilk@gmail.com
    Thanks heaps either way. Glad to have found your blog!


  5. This is great. Love your reading challenge page and now this writing one. Writing prompts are always handy. I did NANOWRIMO. Have you heard of that? I haven’t tried this, but I am working on writing short stories. There is an anthology I am hoping to be included in, raising money for charity and there are a few short story contests in my country of Canada I am hoping to enter next year. I just found this page, but I hope to read all the stories you have posted here. Impressive.


    • I’ve heard of the NANOWRIMO challenge but at the time I hadn’t started writing my novel yet and so I feared attempting it, plus I think I was doing this Writing Challenge at the same time, which in itself was stressful to say the least. But I liked the challenge; it wasn’t too hard, and the prompts helped me formulate stories, so I would highly recommend it to anyone. If you do read any of the stories will you let me know what you thought? I’ve highlighted the ones I liked best, so you can start there. But I’d love your feedback. Thanks for stopping by and dropping a line 🙂


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