The final days . . . Doubled and Triumphant

Though I missed yesterday’s post, Day 19 was all about Double and Rotation. Here follows my take on all things Doubled and Rotated.

Day 20 is all about Triumph and Contrast:

Not much contrast to these.

But for me, I get a sense of triumph from actually completing any DIY project. The Wine Glass Lanterns were for my Wedding last year, and the Clutch is something I carry with me all the days of my life.

My pride and joy!

I doubt I can make another and that’s probably why I love it as much. Sure it doesn’t help that many others love it as well. It was my first attempt at making a clutch, and to some extent it was therapeutic, and I do have ideas for others, I just lack the time right now đŸ˜¦ But someday soon . . .

Climbing that 10ft wall was one of the easiest obstacles during the Tuff Warrior Challenge in Jamaica. And I love the fact that should the need arise, I can climb AND jump off a 10ft wall without much cause for concern.

The last pic of Luna, my furball, was when the Hubby and I (and her of course), went trekking through the country-side in Manchester. She was in her element, hopping over the knee-high grass and keeping right on our heels. This was at that moment when she remembered I was there and she came over to hail me up.

“Oh mom, you’re here too? Hi, how are you doing? Did you see me? I’m having fuuuuun!”

Lol! She did have fun that day, a very triumphant day for her, I believe.

That’s it from me . . . I hope you have a great day, and a wonderful weekend, and be blessed.

Nuff Love!


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