Weekend Photo Scrounge Up

Today, I decided to upload photos I’ve taken some time ago which lined up with the themes for the week. I missed a lot this week because of the heavy blank I was drawing. But instead of dismissing this week all together, I may as well cheat . . . though that in and of itself is not necessarily good.

Day 5: Solitude and the Rule of Thirds.

The first picture reminds me of taking a moment of solitude every now and then. I wish I had a secluded garden like this to hide away in solitude.

The second picture I took of my dog as she stared off in deep contemplation of whether she would bark at the cute dog next door or not. He’s not usually nice to her, but she’s smitten by him and can’t help but like him despite his gruesome demeanor. I used the Rule in this photo back when I had just learnt of it. I still keep the grid on.

Day 6: Connect and Tags

The first photo is of the beams in the basement at work. We used the wall for our Tuff Warrior training last year; having to climb a 10ft wall, it was great practice. We would also walk across the beam that connects and supports the wall to the building for additional balance training. For that last part, by ‘we’ I mean the others that were brave enough to do it. I know the ground is just 10ft below, but that drop can still hurt like a b*tch, so I passed.

The second photo is of the highway that connects one side of the island to the next.

And the last photo is of Flat Bridge in St. Catherine crossing the Rio Cobre river connecting Kingston to the north coast. It is one of the oldest bridges in Jamaica and by far the most disconcerting to some. There is a fear of it not being wide enough for your car to cross even though it is, and that you’ll actually drive off the sides even though it is safe.

Day 7: Big & Point of View

The first photo is of the Courtleigh Corporate Center in New Kingston that just screams Big to me. I was waiting on my traveling companion/husband, when I decided to snap it. This was pre-dusk and I had to do some serious editing to get it as moody as it seems . . . though I didn’t intend for that.

The second photo was of a trailer I found while waiting on my videography class to start. I remember taking it for the textural feel and the perspective angle I’d get. But now I see big as well. I guess I could’ve gotten a different feel had I stooped down to emphasize its size. Food for thought!

Day 8: Natural World & Leading Lines

When I saw the prompt for Natural World I immediately thought of these photos as they form the basis of my nature inspired collection. But now that I look at them, I see all sorts of Leading Lines. In the first, the hanging grey beard of the tree provides the perfect vertical lines even though the tree is leaning. In the second photo, the lines in the leaf, radiating from the center, provides a different take on the concept of Leading lines, don’t you think? The lines of the trunk provide the leading lines of the third photo, much like the stem of flowers in the final photo.

Day 9: Warmth & Quality of Light

The gold of the sunsets splashed across the city often envelops me in a warmth I can’t avoid capturing. It is very rare to get this warm, glowing feel at sunrise, but when you do, the warmth is almost more tangible, isn’t it? Maybe it’s because the sun literally warms you up in the morning as opposed to cooling down in the evening. So there are two different kinds of warmth experienced at the Golden Hour.

Day 10: Mystery & Lighting Effects

Seeing the fog on the highway that morning whilst driving back into Kingston, had a surreal nostalgic element to it. You know the road is there, but the further you drive is the more you can’t see where you’re headed. You could literally slip into a parallel universe hidden somewhere along the highway masked by the fog. You just don’t know. The mystery, the intrigue, the suspense, and that little voice in the back of your mind that squeaks ‘what if . . .?’.

That second photo still baffles me to this day. I have no idea what that thing is, what it was used for, or how it came to be as it was. But I couldn’t ignore the texture of it, so strange and intriguing. Voila! Mystery.

The third photo I took while goofing around one evening. I had managed to perfectly line up the reflection in the wing mirror with the background and found it rather entertaining to me. Not much mystery, but it’s still strange to me.

I hope you liked my interpretation of each theme. Please let me know below, and thanks for stopping by 🙂



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