Duh Road

Day 2: Streetscape

I’m hoping that as I delve into this challenge that I’ll find my photographic eye and my creative genius eventually.

I went on the road today and tried my hardest to come up with something out of the ordinary but nothing came, nothing popped out at me. I guess when you drive along the same roads everyday, the mystery and wonder diminishes and you are no longer easily fascinated.

I tried though . . . seriously I tried.



  1. Hey Char….I know what you mean about losing the excitement of perspective when you’re driving all the time…. However, there are some creative things you can do to make the photograph itself look interesting, even if the subject matter isn’t. For example….the image you named Looking Back, could have been taken of the wing mirror reflecting what was behind you….or something like that… but, as you said, you tried.
    Keep it up!


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