1st Anniversary an bare tings!

IMG-20140420-WA0008_1Would you look at that?!

It’s been a whole year (and some days) since the Mr. and I got married ๐Ÿ˜€

Was it not just yesterday I was stressing about having to relocate the wedding and where to have the dinner, when will his suit be done and if one bridesmaid was ok?! Remember those rants and tantrums and hissy-fits?! That was all a year ago.

I’m still in a bit of a shock . . . though we’ve technically been together for so much longer.

I would say “time flies when you’re having fun”, but it’s more like “time flies when you’re busy doing everything else” like writing a book or three, working, exercising, playing kalooki, studying, and having fun doing other ‘fun’ stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰

But the truth is, nothing has changed. Well, by nothing, I mean . . . well, nothing! Really! We’re still the same as we were last year. Somehow, in the back of my mind I thought, foolishly, that arguments would diminish and not be so explosive, but nope . . . they still are. I thought our finances would just sort itself out, but nope . . . they’re still as they were before. I thought people would start calling me Mrs. but nope . . . they still insist on calling me by my maiden name, even though my name change is in effect. Even when they know my new name they still call me Miss. Ah bwoy!

I thought a lot of things about marriage but the truth is, it all takes work. I never understood completely what it meant when ‘they’ said marriage is hard work. Not that we’ve reached the hard stuff yet, but I understand now the different levels of work that is required to make a marriage work.

This weekend we had our 1st anniversary vacation slash second honeymoon and it was beautiful. Not because we did anything spectacular. Nope! In fact, it started out with a little hiccup as I drove us down to Montego Bay. I’ve mentioned before that I hate, abhor, detest – you get it?! – driving in the rain, especially on country roads. So of course, it starts raining cats and dogs. The thing about it at the time though, was that our wind-shield wiper was pretty useless and we should have changed it before we started our journey. But alas! We neglected it.

So there we were, struggling to see through the poor wind-shield wipers and the pouring rain when we decided to pull off the road to change the wipers. The passenger one worked much better than the drivers’ side. But in changing the wipers they broke and so now we were out of wipers. We then had to crawl to the nearest gas station in the closest town, which had no such things, to which we had to brave the rain again to find a gas station that did stock such things.

We got our new wipers and started on our way again, only to find out we had to stop again, in the rain, to remove this thin strip of green that covered the wiper’s blade. After that, my eyes were opened to the fact that I’ve never seen a wind-shield wiper that works as efficiently as our does now. When I say that there is no evidence of rain when the wipers are on, I mean there is no obscured vision, no streaks of rain across the wind-shield, no cause for concern. It was a magnificent thing to watch the new wipers do their job. Magnificent a tell you!!!

We went to the exact same hotel we went to for our first honeymoon, and nope, we went nowhere special. But this time we spent four whole days at the hotel. That . . . has never been done by us. The most we’ve done was three days, but this weekend was magical, surreal, too fantastic that I felt a bit depressed having to come back home. That is the real danger in vacationing too long . . . having to return to your boring life filled with chores and no one to make you breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with ice cream for desert. Yes, no I’m not rich!


But it was awesome! And I wish we were still there. But not only did we celebrate our first anniversary, we also celebrated the start or midpoint of the start of our family. Yes folks, you guessed it! Our dog is preggers! Lol, just kidding. But someone else is preggers although she just feels fat most days. But yeah, according to theย doc, we’re expecting! ๐Ÿ˜€

20150420_101914_1Honestly though women, don’t you wish you could just turn up the oven a little and pop that baby out earlier?! Or how about if we weren’t actual mammals, and could just lay an egg and watch it do its thing for the 9 months?! Am I the only one?! Again?!!?! Only me?! Arite fine!

It hasn’t been bad to be honest. No full-blown morning sickness, and when I did feel queasy it lasted for about 2 weeks early out. I want to sleep . . . All. The. Time! And I get short of breath just walking across the office more time. Other than that, I don’t feel different at all! Not that I’m complaining. I know some women have really hard pregnancies, and some can’t at all, so I am beyond grateful for my breezy journey so far.

So yeah, that’s what’s we’ve been up to. What have you guys been up to?!





  1. I’m so happy for you guys!!! The timing couldn’t be more perfect…while celebrating your 1st Anniversary, you are also celebrating the your first born… It’s wonderful! Life is such an amazing thing. Lots of Love on your journey together creating your family. And you know “Auntie Brownin’ #1” is always here when you need her!!! Dwl ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. Congratulations Girl! So Sorry I’m reading this so late..you are definitely not alone I remember when I was preggers I wished the same thing you did…why 9 months! but try have fun eating all the yumm food..Take care! God Bless!


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