The Sole Problem

Before I get into the reason for this blog post today, I was hit with a reminder that hadn’t crossed my mind at all. Today marks two years since I started this blog (woohoo, right?!), and it was not until I logged in to write a completely unrelated post that I was pleasantly reminded of this milestone.

Funny thing is, it’s almost like when you nonchalantly ‘celebrate’ your birthday as if it’s any other day, yet someone reminds you how old you really are, and you’re like “huh, fancy that. I’m actually younger/older than I feel!” Yeah, that was me just now.

But I digress . . .

Over the weekend I couldn’t help but think about how far we’ve come, from caveman days. I started thinking about how much time we spend on our feet.

Don’t you ever wish you could just sit/lie in one place all day and not use your feet . . . at all? Is that just me?! Oh well, I think about it a lot.

I think about how we have to use our feet in every single moment of life. And I think about how back in the day when a man fished and hunted for his family, he was on his feet longer than he would be nowadays. I think about how women had to walk for hours (maybe) to get water and carry it back to their little cave. No ladies and gents, they didn’t have cars or even horses to do the travelling for them back then.

I think about how they had to do all that walking barefooted across rocky and often stony terrain with things sticking them in their feet and how their feet ached at the end of the day. Did husbands and wives rub each others feet at night-time?!

I think about how far our footwear has developed since then and this was were the crook of the matter emerged for me. I was talking to a couple of male friends Friday night and they were describing the lengths they go through to find the perfect sneakers and regular shoes with arch support for their pronation of foot. One proceeded to ask how as a woman I can wear Chuck Taylor’s without any arch support.

Me an mi Chucks

In my head, Chuck Taylor’s are relatively comfortable. Women unfortunately, are still stuck with thin gladiator/Roman style sandals with a thin strip of leather as the sole with laces to ensure it is attached to the foot.

THAT . . . is what we’re used to.

Ballet flats which are typically the same thing – a thin strip of leather as the sole with a closure of material that ensures the foot stays secure in the ‘shoe’. So for me, Chuck Taylor’s at least come with an inch of buffering between my foot and the ‘cole cole concrete’ (remember when I said we Jamaicans repeat a word to emphasize the reality of something?).

This led me to wonder: how is it a man’s sandal and slipper, the most basic of footwear, provides arch support, cushioning, and pronation accommodations, while the woman’s sandal or slipper is literally still archaic?!

Timberland Men's Sport Sandal M0106 (3)
Just look how comfortable those are compared to . . .



These, which I won’t lie, are cute. Are they comfortable though?! That is the question!


I get that we have a variety of footwear we can choose from, but the more comfortable and supported shoe for us is downright atrocious to the point we wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them.

I say, it is time we had a say in how our shoes are made: our sandals and slippers, our ballet flats and loafers, our Mary Jane’s and kitten heels, and most importantly our stilettos, pumps, and wedges.

In the wise words of Elephant Man . . . Theriouthly?!?!?!



Why can’t we get the same kind of support men get in their shoes?! Whyyyyyyyy?!?!



So tell me . . . what do you think?

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