Friday’s Five Favourite Quotes from Bob Marley


Today marks the 70th earthstrong of Bob Marley, the greatest icon of Reggae music.

I’m sharing with you 5 of his quotes which have touched all of us as a people at some point or the other, and I have no doubt they will most certainly be an inspiration for you as well.

Blessed Earthstrong Bob!













  1. Hello!
    I found your blog searching for a happy birthday quote for my husband, a big reggae fan, and I landed here.
    If is not disturbing, can u please tell me how do I say “husband” in Rastafarian?

    Sorry for the daring!



    • Hi Ramona, thanks for your question, it’s not a problem for me to answer . . . although I had to do some research.

      Rastafarian is a religious movement among a percentage of Jamaicans. They don’t really speak a different language, they speak English like all of us, even though several words may be used in different ways.

      As for your question about what they call husband and wife, what I can say is the men would call their wives ‘Empress’ and the women call their husbands ‘King’. So you see, it is not really a different language but just a different way of saying things – it’s all still English (or a form of English).

      And I can say it’s not really limited to Rastafarians either. I would call my husband King as well, but he’ll call me Queen as opposed to Empress. The Empress title is more directed towards Rastafarian women and women with locks.

      Hope I was able to help, and I hope you’ve found a nice way to make your ‘King’s’ birthday extra special 🙂


      • Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question.
        “King” sounds just great!
        I order him a reggae birthday cake, and wanted to find a message that goes along with it, and thanks to you I found a pefect one.
        Best regards!

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