The Hits and Misses of Jazz and Blues

A couple of years ago I had the amazing opportunity of watching Maroon 5 perform LIVE at the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival held every year in Trelawny. Their performance was beyond magnificent that, to be completely honest with you, I cannot name another act that night; I was entranced.

I remember being lost on Sunday Morning, in Misery at the Wake Up Call which made it harder and Harder to Breathe. Do you see what I did there? Lol!

I loved them, and wished every year Jazz and Blues would consider bringing them back for an encore performance.

But alas! Such would never be the case.

This year, they sought the infamous Mariah Carey, and truth be told, many, and I mean MANY were excited at the prospect. She’s no Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston, but she is damn near close. Or at least she was.

Even I considered selling an arm and a leg just to see her. I remember sitting in traffic one morning listening to the radio as they played songs from yester-year, several of which were Mariah’s hits like Dreamlover and Fantasy. I was like “damn, I really should go”. I grew up on Mariah Carey and know more than 1/2 her songs; the short trip down memory lane was enough to wet my whistle.

But unfortunately, I was unable to make it to the Festival this year.

Am I sad?


From what I’ve seen, her performance was beyond atrocious. And I say this based on what I’ve seen, what’s been circulated on the internet. IF by some strange twist of fate, or the parting of the Red Sea, had I made it to the Festival this year to see that there performance I would have demanded a full refund not just for myself but for everyone who travelled far and wide just to see her.

She lip-synced the entire performance, which is bad in and of itself. Lip-syncing, though some artistes utilize this method, is not a true performance. It is a slap in the face of everyone who paid to watch a LIVE performance. But . . . that was not the worst of it. The atrocious part of it, is the smug look she wore while she grin off har face, missing her cues and making it blatantly obvious she was not singing along.

I mean, come on!

We all can do a better job of lip-syncing while singing along to her songs in our cars a morning time. And I can promise you we would put on a better performance than she did.

Diva or no Diva, if you are paid mega millions of dollars for an hour-long performance, put your back into it. Laughing at your fans for paying to watch you is not acceptable. Laughing at the fact that you keep missing the cue is not acceptable. Pretending to fiddle with your earpiece like you’re actually singing is not acceptable. Fixing something on the stage that has nothing to do with you, is not acceptable.

Patronizing Jamaicans is NOT acceptable!

I think the fact that it is now all over social media and several online news sources such as Yahoo! and TMZ means it was not acceptable on a world-wide scale either.

Get your Ish together Carey! You lost a whole island of fans with that debauchery of a performance! Just thought you should know.



So tell me . . . what do you think?

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