Claffies and the Trend that Needs to End

I was perusing this Cosmo article online (yes I shamelessly read Cosmopolitan on Facebook, it’s my guilty pleasure – do not judge!). Anyways, the article highlighted the fashion trends of literally yester-year that needs to be done away with this year.

There were concerns like the Ombre look (hair fading from dark to light) which, if I did have long hair I would have tried; the Side Shave where the side of your head is shaved, leaving a long mess of hair on one side; and Insanely long extensions which I think everybody can agree, we’re seeing shorter and shorter hairstyles on most celebrities these days. There are 21 trends on the list in total, which according to Cosmo needs to be stopped ASAP.

It’s a new year after all . . . new trends must arise, right?!

I was perturbed however to find ‘Drawn On Eyebrows‘ as one of the must-end trends.

gallery_nrm_1420491845-21Please do not misunderstand me, I am NOT for drawn-on eyebrows, in fact, I thought it was an epidemic indigenous to Jamaica. So you can imagine my shock to find pictures of women all over the world with this ridiculous trend. Not to mention that Cosmopolitan is aware of it . . . gasp!

Who started this abomination?

Do they even still do it, or do they shrink in the corner snickering to their girlfriends about that chick with her drawn-on brows?

WHYYYYY would you consider shaving OFF your eyebrows so you can draw them back on lean, thicker than normal, and closer than you would have wanted your brows to grow?


Is the multiple look in and nobody told me?

I don’t get it!

Are there men out there that will pass up a perfectly normal looking woman and flock to the one with her clown-like eyebrows?!

If there are . . . SHAME on you for perpetuating this ridiculous (cause that’s the only adjective I can use to describe it – RIDICULOUS!!!) trend.

I shared this one particular must-end trend on my Facebook page and a friend and I started discussing the ridiculous nature of this trend. She informs me that they’ve moved from drawing on the eyebrows, way past tattooing them on, and now apparently there are lace eyebrows like there are lace wigs, and women glue on these lace eyebrows.

Are . . . you . . . serious?!

Glued on eyebrows?! Does no one see a problem with this?!

Me Miss me, I see whole heap wrong wid it Miss!

I understand there are some women who have thin eyebrows. As a matter of fact, many women have thin eyebrows, me being one of them. So I fully understand FILLING out your eyebrows – not shaving them off to draw them back on. I’ve had to fill in my eyebrows before, though it looks much better when a professional does it, but because I can’t afford said professional everyday, I am perfectly content with my thin eyebrows. Most women have them so I’m not strange.

And conversely there are women with thick – as the hair on their head – eyebrows, that often meet in the middle and may even evolve into sideburns and a beard. I fully understand wanting to shave that sh*t off, if your eyebrows work against you like that. But I doubt every single smaddy with their Clown-like eyebrows had that issue.

Which brings me back to my question:

WHYYYYY on God’s green earth would you shave off your naturally perfectly thick eyebrows ongle fi draw dem back on thick and black, like a real claffy?!

Unnu can explain it to me please? Cause I really not getting it. And if you happen to be one of the (claffies)(and no claffy does not mean lady – it’s a Jamaican term of endearment for someone who is beyond the eediat/idiot level) ladies who shave off your eyebrows to draw them back on . . . please to explain! And then stop . . . PLEASE!!! This needs to stop! PRONTO!

Tattooing a meaningful message across your face is still WAY better than drawing on your eyebrows. In my opinion . . .




  1. Lol..never understood the drawn on artificial look meself milady..eyebrows should frame the face not deface it..anywho funny post..can’t wait to see the comments…:D


  2. I’m glad you are telling me about this trend now when it is being abolished – for this means I may never have to see it. I wouldn’t be able to stop myself – I would point and laugh and that is rude! 😀 That girl with the drawn on caterpillars – that is the craziest thing I have ever seen………


    • Pauline, mek a tell you . . . be happy you’ve never seen them in person. It is quite jarring especially when you can’t tell what mood she’s in at the time (because of her confused eyebrows). It makes you think, “this girl’s got nothing to loose, she’s a loose canon”; maybe that’s why we avoid the point and snicker. But it’s still crazy. And would you believe her pic is NOT the worst out there?! It gets a whole lot worse my dear.


  3. My grandmother basically has no natural eyebrows left and so she colors in hers so it looks like she has eyebrows… in such cases I can understand drawing on eyebrows… but to do so on purpose and not even just draw them on but do so in such a comical way is ridiculous… I mean they look like clowns…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Likewise, I can understand your grandmother’s need. And like I said, filling it in is acceptable, but to shave or wax it off just to draw it on (worse than before) . . . what do they plan to accomplish? Being the joke of the internet?! Then yes my dear, you have won!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  4. Char, I wonder if the article mentioned the overly accentuated eyebrows, you know the ones that ressemble a bird about to take flight?! I remember watching a video on youtube by a makeup artist mentioning these same trends that need to be left in 2014. The flack she received for it was serious! There are a lot of pro bird eyebrow enthusiasts out there! Some people just don’t know better, some are simply following ( though who they’re following have no clue) and some just don’t care!


    • Right you are Danielle. I figured I would get some flack for saying all this as well, and thankfully I haven’t so far, but it is something I think needed to be said, and I couldn’t hold my tongue anymore.

      I wish though, that if someone is indeed offended that they will take a selfie and objectively compare it to a selfie before they defaced their face and tell me honestly that they look better now with the pro-bird eyebrows than before. I highly doubt that they would do it, or that they would look better, or even admit they were horribly wrong in following this trend.

      Thanks for adding your two cents 🙂


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