One form of Writer’s Block

I’m procrastinating again.


This time it’s that gut wrenching, throat constricting, numb fingertips, kind of procrastination.


74b94607140251a1a700dc52ee9bf68dWhat am I procrastinating?

Finishing this story of mine, the same one with the many crossroads.

So I finally decided to take one particular path, and I know how it ends but as the shrunken head from the Knight Bus in Harry Potter said:

It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Quotation-Alan-Dean-Foster-procrastination-best-Meetville-Quotes-194773I feel it in my heart of hearts . . . and I’m not liking this feeling one bit. Somehow I managed to overcome this feeling of trepidation with my last story, I just can’t remember how. But I’m panicking now, and procrastinating, and encouraging my desire to not write which feels weird when it’s the one thing you really truly enjoying doing.


I’m not a happy camper today but . . . it happens, right?! To the other writers out there:

How do you overcome that anxiety, trepidation and desire to procrastinate, while working on that something of import for you?


So tell me . . . what do you think?

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