For the love of all things Regency

I have fallen in love with Regency Era novels. Though in all honesty I’ve only read two such novels – Mistaken Kiss by Kathleen Baldwin and The Only Reason for the London Season (a novella) by Kristin Vayden.

Mistake Kiss

Both were exceptionally light and funny with the usual anxiety that often arouses you when you read of that infamous first kiss. It fascinates me that the authors could find a way to draw you in and ensnare you with the same charisma and more witty dialogue than you are accustomed to.

Let me be honest with you, I have an affinity for erotic romance novels. I read epic fantasy generally, but I’ve developed a keen interest in the romance genre considering I’m writing my own romance novels. So I find myself gorging on as much as I can. And I’m not limiting myself to just erotic romance either, hence the interest and subsequent love of Regency novels.

There is something awe-inspiring to delve into an outdated world with rules and regulations governing how man and woman should interact, and the fact that the simplest, slightest touch of a shoulder or the lingering hand to the waist is sooooo taboo and prohibited but still so amazingly hot!

London Season


It amazes me how the authors seem to conjure that same anxiety you feel when you read about two people about to do it, with two people about to . . . hold hands. Like, I feel nervous for her, and I laugh at his reaction, his need to restrain the beast inside him that just wants, more than anything, to hold Ms. Sue’s hand.

It’s too sweet!

I love the garb, the language and not just the use of old English, but there’s suddenly a plethora of words you wouldn’t normally find in modern novels because they are all outdated. Words like git and chit, and yokel, flummery, veriest, and megrims.

I love it all.

Quick! Suggest a good Regency book you’ve read. I think that may be the direction of my next story 😉


So tell me . . . what do you think?

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