I’m at a Crossroad.


Not necessarily in my life but in my story. I’ve come to a point where I need to make a decision for my characters.

Will they take the easy road?

Will the story end here?

Or will they choose the more difficult, unpleasant path?

I know that the more difficult path, the road with conflict makes a story interesting . . . I get it. But I can’t help the heavy heart I’m feeling thinking about what they’ll go through.

You know when you just want something to fall together? And just when you think it’ll come together nicely, the sh*t hits the fan?! I feel like I have to make the sh*t hit the fan and it’s not a very nice feeling. I’m the instigator of their troubles, even though I didn’t want it, even though I tried to warn them, even though I tried to save them.

Yes I know I’m talking about the characters in my story. It just means I love their little story, maybe a little too much.

But my heart hurts at this crossroad. My palms are sweaty, my throat constricted, and I have a serious urge to procrastinate on the decision, knowing it’ll only make it that much harder to make.




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