What I’ve learnt from driving Mrs. Daisy

One of my goals this year is to put a limit on my driving in and around the city.

I’m going to be honest . . . I have a tendency to drive like a mad taxi man. Why? Because . . . ?! I have somewhere to go, the road is almost always hot as balls, and so I don’t feel or want to stay on the roads too long.

I love driving, don’t get me wrong. I love having somewhere to go and the means in which to go. But I cannot stand lay-laying. By lay-laying I mean hemming and hawing, driving like you’re not quite sure where you’re going, whether to turn here or at the next street, stuff like that. I just think you should not go on the roads unless you have a specific destination in mind, and a route plan.

Am I the only one who thinks like this? I’m beginning to think so.

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I think if you’re planning to go on the road, map out in your head where you need to go and how to get there. That should eliminate all the hemming and hawing people tend to do on the roads that inadvertently piss me off. Seriously . . . why go on the road at 8 in the morning when you have no reason and no plan for anything? You know what you’re doing? Irritating the person who is stuck driving at 20 Kmph behind you because you’re driving selfishly slow.

But I digress . . . only a fraction.

I’ve decided, after being told that I have a tendency to scare more than one person who’s driven with me, to not go over 60 Kmph. I initially thought that 60 Kmph would be tantamount to the level just above ‘dead slow’. It actually isn’t.

Here’s what I’ve learnt from my first week of driving Mrs. Daisy (at 60 Kmph):

1. 60 Kmph is not that slow nor is it that fast.

As a matter of fact, it seems to be the average speed of most drivers in and around Kingston. This forces me to wonder at what speed was I travelling at before? Damn, I must have been clocking it. But I’m not any more and I’m happy to report that.

2. It is rather calming to drive at a moderate speed.

Before, when I’d drive frantically, I’d easily get hot-headed as a sickly shiver of road rage washed over me. Now, I’m cool, calm, and collected, alert and in no immediate need to overtake or zip past anyone. Life’s good man, and I’m actually enjoying the ride.

3. I still get where I’m going. And there is no such thing as time-travel while driving.

I used to think that if I get to the traffic light 5 seconds before you that I’ve actually stepped into the future. Silly Char . . . it doesn’t work like that. Now, I get to the traffic light when I do, and I still end up where I planned to go. There is no need to rush.

4. People will still drive slower than me and yes, some will still piss me off.

download (1)There is nothing I can do about this. There will always be that one man who thinks it’s perfectly OK for him to drive a 20 Kmph in peak hour traffic on a Monday morning. There will always be that one smaddy who miggles the road, drives slow, and turns without indicating. Why? Because some people were born without common sense, common courtesy, and the basics of driving on the roads . . . like is buy dem buy dem license without even glimpsing the Road Code Book.

5. I haven’t had a reason to drive fast all year – all 9 days of it.

In fact, the other night my mom asked me to pick up my Granma at the airport. Considering it’s a good 30-45 minute drive, especially with my 60 Kmph speed limit, I told mommy we need to leave earlier than she thought. I was not going to rush to get to the airport, and I am grateful I didn’t, because we ended up waiting over an hour for Granma to emerge. I would have been pissed if I broke my neck to get there and then had to wait.

There really is no need to rush things or drive like a bat out of hell. If I have somewhere to go, I’ll leave in a timely manner taking into consideration my moderate driving, along with the other potential slow-pokes on the road.

The answer is simple . . . leave early, arrive early. Leave late and plan to reach late, hot, bothered, and miserable.



  1. I think I was about 50 before I clocked on to all you have said here Char. This proves you are way ahead of me in the maturity stakes 🙂 The other thing I particularly noticed was that when I gave up being in a rush to get anywhere I started to arrive more quickly than before…… Who knew!! 😀


  2. I know how you feel… it seems like no matter where I go people drive like idiots… but right now I seemed to be surrounded by the worst of them… either speeding like a bat out of hell… or driving well below the speed limit… and oh the number of people who cut me off… it’s like they’re asking to be hit… but I check the speed limit and I click on my cruise control and I just do what I’m gonna do so that no matter what happens I know I was in the right… but also my husband has had a problem with road rage… I mean he’s chased people down and yelling all crazy… and I told him first off I’m the only one who can hear his yelling… so it’s only upsetting the 2 of us, that guy that just cut us off doesn’t even know what is going on in our car… so what good did that do? and trying to keep others from cutting you off or chasing them down like that’ll do something… well that’s just endangering my own life… that’s when I really put it to him… he acted completely psycho one time and I got out of the car and told him that was it unless he calmed down… no douche bag on the road is worth risking my own life for… he’s surprisingly gotten much better since then…

    but I understand sometimes it feels like you need to hurry up and get there… but what really did it for me was I was in a briefing one time and they were showing how much faster you get somewhere by going 10mph faster or 20 mph faster it was like just a few minutes difference… not enough to really change anything… and when you think if you just go the speed limit and relax how much better off you are in several different ways… makes getting all worked up over it a little pointless…

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    • Oh trust me, I’m sure my hubby has wanted to alight from the vehicle because of my road rage. I try you know, I try really hard to not loose it, especially now since I’ve implemented this new speed limit for myself, but people still, no matter what, seek to piss me off. Like they see my car coming and they decide to drop it down to 20kmph. Over the weekend I found myself getting hotheaded at some idiot in front of me and I ended up going over the 60 just so I could pass them. I was going to have a conniption if I didn’t. But as soon as I got around them I slowed down to my 60 and made it home without any further incident. I honestly wished those stupid people lived on a different plane, or dimension than the rest of us. Is that too much to ask?! Lol!
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


      • for me it’s always like I got nowhere to go and nothing to do when I get there so why rush… might as well just jam to some tunes and relax… of course I’m not saying I’m perfect but I will say since I got a 4 cylinder car I really don’t have a choice… I never realized how much slower those cars are… and not in like they can’t get up to speed but it’s like they’re not gonna get up to speed fast so I don’t even try to pass anyone regardless… unless I’m on the highway or whatnot and don’t have to worry about getting hit by someone in on coming traffic…

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