One Theory on Everything

Have you every wondered what is so alluring about bathroom singing?

popstarAside from the fact that it is über private . . . unless you have that nosing room-mate who loves to eavesdrop on your singing sessions; singing in the bathroom is a favourite pastime of many, myself included.

But last night as I exercised my . . . pipes, I couldn’t help but wonder what makes me so confident in singing in the bathroom. If given any other room in the house, I don’t think I could hit half the notes I do whenever I’m in the shower.

My Theory?

Bathrooms are magically built with amazing acoustics.

Bare with me for a sec.

Have you ever played music from your phone in the bathroom? Aren’t you ever surprised with the automatic surround sound system you suddenly have in the bathroom? Or is that just me?

I challenge you to play some music from your phone, not a bluetooth speaker or any other enhancement. Play music from your phone in your bathroom and compare that to the kitchen, bedroom, and even the wash-room – which is usually as enclosed as the bathroom. If you’ve tried my little experiment, you’ll find the sound you get in the bathroom is vastly different from any other room.

That’s because, I believe, all bathrooms are made for you to sing in. It lures you in with the false sense of privacy, and bowls you over with its amazing orchestral acoustics, and soon you feel like Mariah Carey or even Beyoncé and her backup singers belting out hit after hit after hit in front of a live but silent audience.


Don’t laugh, you know you sing in the shower too.

My only other question is . . . Why when I sing in the shower, do I still get winded? Or am I the only one?

Sure, sometimes I dance to my music – is this TMI? I can’t tell – but even when it’s a slow ballad, I have to catch my breath. I know how to sing, I’ve sung on a choir for years and know typical breathing exercises and how to breath and sing at the same time. But I always get winded, and it’s always in the shower. If I’m doing chores around the house and singing, I don’t get half as winded.

Do you have any theories as to why? I’m curious to know.


One comment

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