The Truth shall set you free

I have a terrible confession to make.

This is my first written blog post for the year and I have absolutely nothing to say. Not quite true. I have tons of stuff I could say but none of it seems to measure up.

The truth is, I haven’t written a blog post is so long I’ve forgotten how to do it, how to be myself, and how to share with you. It feels weird, bizarrely weird and slightly disconcerting.

I’m sorry guys . . . for taking such a long break.

The truth is, I never really intended to take a break. It kinda just happened. I have a problem compartmentalizing my life and when something takes focus, it takes ALL focus. Early last year I had a wedding to plan for, and shortly after the wedding I kind of disappeared for longer than was necessary. But I did return, only to jump off the train again.

Well, what had happened was . . .

I started studying Video Production Techniques, and said I would have written about it. But instead of writing about it, I ended up finishing a book a started writing in May. Thankfully I finished just before the end of the year, and I have the joy of looking forward to editing and publishing said book sometime this year. But while it was an exhilarating experience, one I wished I was present enough to take notes and blog about, I am saddened at my lack of activity and the fact that I now feel uncomfortable getting back out there.

I like my shell just a little too much!

The truth is, I need to make blogging a priority this year. I need to plan out my ramblings and actually do stuff worth writing about, right?!

Like my header quote suggests.

habits-quotes-images-2-5dc48cfbMy main goal this year is to build upon my blog and share what little I can aboutΒ life here on fiwi island (Jamaica).

Sure there are other things I want to do . . . namely:

  • Edit and Publish my first novel,
  • Finish the first draft of my second novel and possibly start the process of publishing it,
  • Develop a writing career outside on my blog and the stories I’m working on,
  • Start using some of those video production techniques and share them with you,
  • Release the weight I’ve somehow managed to acquire and maintain a healthy active lifestyle,
  • Complete several certifications in things that interest me, things that will help me excel in my writing and in my job.

But my main focus will be YOU!

So tell me:

What would you love to read about?

What would you like to see?

What are your New Year’s resolutions, goals, and/or dreams?




  1. Welcome back! It’s great to see you back and with a mission. Anything you write would be great to read and I’d love to hear more about your book. Good luck for the year ahead. 😊


  2. Having a blog is great, but life can still get in the way. You don’t sound like you’ve been just sitting around when you haven’t been here.
    I am behind from the holidays, but I am still so thrilled that you have spoken to me about your Jamaica and I apologize for not having done anything with it yet. This month for sure. I will keep you posted.
    Good luck with all you want to achieve in the coming year and I will be reading this blog whenever you are able to share your life with us here.
    Take care.


    • Thanks Kerry πŸ™‚ that means a lot. I figured you’d be in the throes of the holidays as well so there was no pressure. Let me know what you thought about it though. After I submitted it I figured I could have gone in a different direction so let me know what you think. If you’re looking for something different, please let me know.
      Also, good luck to you and yours this year as well. I wish you all the best with the travel blog and anything else you set your mind to. Nuff love hun!

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  3. just post what you want… I’m always surprised by the things my readers like or what ends up attracting new followers… so I see it as write what’s interesting you because then it’ll be interesting to others to see that passion…


  4. Welcome back Lesie..missed seeing you around actually and thank you so much for dropping by…I love your style and totally enjoy reading your posts about things you would least expect and only you could do justice, like the bathroom singing piece I just read ( which was brilliant and had me laughing out loud literally)…I know how it is when things come up and despite our best intentions blogging tends to take a backseat..I hope and wish all your New years resolutions are fulfilled and you get back to blogging keep in touch Les! Thank you!


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