I Like Em Young

You know when you have that tune stuck in your head, and you keep singing it over and over and over again? It gets so annoying but you begin to love it all at the same time. You cant seem to think of any other song:

“How does that song go again?”

“What song?”

“Deck the Halls with balls of holly? I can’t remember . . .”

You could say I’m there. My internal stereo system has been stuck on Tove Lo’s Queen of the Clouds album and it’s . . . on constant shuffle. I’ll be singing and dancing to Talking Body and my mind just switches to Like Em Young then to Love Ballad, and I can’t stop thinking about them and singing them and dancing to them. And the fact that I can’t stop myself makes me love the album that much more.

I ran across Tove Lo as I was searching for songs for my ‘work’ playlist. I build my playlist on YouTube so I can either have lyric videos or the actual video of the songs playing while I work. I need upbeat music I can sing along with and express my vocal prowess, while dancing and keeping awake . . . because I can and have fallen asleep at work. It was not cute.

Anyways, I ran across her debut hit Habits ‘Stay High’ while intending to check out another artists’ album. I listened to Like Em Young first and thought that I should try another one of her songs. And I just gobbled up all of her songs one by one that Monday, over and over again.

Since then, I’ve even forgotten about the work playlist; instead, I made a playlist with her songs and had that on constant replay. I cannot help it. Her album is young and fresh. It traces the cycle of love: from spotting each other, liking each other, having things with each other, falling in love, accepting each other, breaking up, running down, forming habits, and moving on, whether it’s together or not.

I love that I can identify with most if not all of the songs, and seeing as how I’m writing a love ballad of a story as well, I feel my protagonist identifies with the album even more. I hear one of her songs in my head and I immediately envision scenes from my book-turned-movie. This album is my book’s soundtrack, I kid you not.

But now, it’s gotten to the point where I can’t seem to write because her album is still playing in my head. I try to listen to other music, like my initial work playlist and the music just sounds wrong to me. Like my brain is rejecting any and everything that is not Tove Lo.

I would suggest you give her album a try but I fear you may find yourself in a similar predicament and I do not wish this upon anyone. So listen responsibly.


So tell me . . . what do you think?

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