My Week with Chick V and what they don’t tell you

And there you have it folks.

I made a joke about the Chicken Gun Man and he shot me. I was out for the count man, real bad. And just when I thought I was getting better, it got worst.

What they don’t tell you about how it starts . . .

It all started on Monday.

I woke up with a chest pain. I get chest pains every now and then, so I didn’t pay it any mind. My hubby woke up with a twinge in his ankle. Throughout the day, the chest pain nagged at me. I’d knead my chest with my knuckles and the heel of my palm and nothing would work. I’d try to stretch it out which soon evolved into a knot between my shoulder blades. I would then try to stretch that knot in my back and by night fall, I was a hot mess of little pinches here and there.

I remember sitting in the car that night and saying, “You know, I’ve been having these little pains.”

“Can I tell you?” He replied. “Is like, all of a sudden everywhere hurts.”

When we got home, we came to the grim conclusion that what we had, was the dreaded Chick V.

We had dinner and a tv-show, with severe joint and muscle pain, fever, and a side of Cetamol Pain and Fever Reliever. Thank God I took precautions the week before and bought it when there was a reported shortage of Panadol Pain Reliever . . . just in case.

What they don’t tell you about the pain . . .

The pain for me, was mind-blowing. I equate that pain to: you know when you haven’t exercised for months and then decided that last night you were gonna drop down and do 100 push ups straight, no rest, AND you’re doing them wrong. The next day every single muscle in your upper body would be sore, right? That’s how I processed the pain I felt. Not only did all of my upper body muscles hurt, but every movement was somehow connected to the pain I was feeling in my chest. So everywhere hurt, and then my chest hurt even more because everywhere hurt. I didn’t have pain in my legs though, thank God. Hubby kept asking how come I can walk so easily . . . but my legs were fine.

The next day, the pain was still there. It was hard to find a comfortable position . . . anywhere. I had to go get breakfast and some coconut water, because apparently Coconut water is good for hydration. I probably annoyed other drivers that morning with my slow driving (I smile). Once back at home I curled up in a ball and slept all day. By nightfall, I was feeling slightly better. Most of the pain had receded, and the chest pain had become non-existent. I had a small rash across my chest though and a little on my shoulders.

The next day I went to the Doctor. I thought, I needed confirmation plus any pointers that could help. I had already done my reading on Chick V, so I knew what to expect, and how to deal with most of it. My Doc checked me out and confirmed it was Chick V. He prescribed some stuff and along with Vitamin C.

By Thursday I was convinced I was recovering nicely. Most, if not all of the pain was gone, though there was a pain above my right eye, and it hurt. The rash was gone as well, and I could move around easily. I felt I could return to work on Friday but against my infernal boredom I decided to stay home and heed the Doctor’s orders.

What they don’t tell you about the rash . . . 

20140927_155249By Friday night, the rash had returned. This time, it was fierce and alarming. All along my arms were little red splotches that extended to my hands and my palms . . . and they itched like crazy. The next day, I was covered from head to toe in the same red splotches, down my arms, legs, and back. Thankfully my chest, neck and face were spared. But the itching was unbearable. And the sight of the rash was disconcerting. I felt diseased . . . like I should be quarantined or something. I ran to the pharmacy and got some cream to hopefully dispel the rash that was now plaguing me.

Thankfully again, most of the rash had faded by Sunday morning. I’m not sure whether the cream helped some, or if it was the natural course of the Chick V, but I encourage anyone currently suffering to invest in a good Hydro-corticosteroid Cream, it helped with the itching, and still does.

What they don’t tell you about the itching . . .

One guy joked that while he was laying in bed and scratching like crazy, he had to get up and turn on all the lights, just to see if there was something in the bed that made him itch. Were there other mosquitoes having a feast? Were there ants crawling all over the bed? Or was it just his wild imagination? And I could understand where he was coming from. The itching was constant, sporadic, and down-right annoying. I thought there were other mosquitoes feasting on me as well, until I saw the rash the next day. The rash itches, and the Chick V makes you itch that much more.

What they don’t tell you about how it ends . . .

I still itch, but the rash has gone down considerably. I’m not in pain, though my legs feel terribly uncomfortable, and I have slightly swollen ankles now. All . . . and I mean ALL Lymph nodes have been swollen since roughly Thursday, even Lymph nodes I didn’t know I had. Did you know there are Lymph nodes behind the ears and at the nape of the neck? I didn’t, but mine are all inflamed now, thanks to Chick V.

I think I’m out of the worst of it for now, but there is no way to know for sure. For one, they say the pain can linger for months even years. Plus there are some who believe that once you get Chick V you are immune to it, but then you are susceptible to other strains of the Chikungunya Virus. At this point, there are so many theories flying around about this virus that it’s hard to see the truth in all of it. All we can do is take the necessary precautions, and stock up on the necessities . . . just in case!

Until next time my friends . . . do your duty . . . Kill a mosquito if you see one. And walk good!



  1. I have no idea what you are talking about – I never heard of it before. It sounded like adult on-set chicken pox as I read on which is way much worse than the kind you get when you’re a kid. And it’s a once only thing which is most handy as it strengthens the immune system to fight against other illnesses of the same strain….. but you get this from mosquitoes? I admit I am glad to have never met this before, it sounds horrendous! I am also glad you are on the mend – I hope the after-effects are not too horrid and don’t linger for too long. On the up-side you wrote really well about the experience 🙂


    • Hahaha Thanks Pauline! I never had chicken pox but a lot of people equate it to that, so yes, it sounds like the adult version. Thankfully it doesn’t last as long nor does it leave marks (thank God for that). But yes . . . mosquitoes, those annoyingly harmless looking things. It’s mind boggling. But then again, mosquitoes kill more people than probably people do . . . who knew?!


  2. Omg I have chik v and I thought it was gone after two days but then this morning I woke up with a rash I thought was gone its in my Palm its on my whole arm legs an I got it on my face…. What can I use for the itching an for the rash to go?


  3. We spent a week in Jamaica where the family were fighting with this viral infection and my companion got it by the end of the week and I didn’t but I think the raw Olive Oil that I was spreading on may have saved me and may have prevented the rash and symptoms because he got a sore throat with it all and that is all I got but I used the liquid colloidal silver down the back of nose/throat by tipping my head back and squirting it down the back of my throat and drinking it.


    • Bwoy Ron, I too felt they didn’t place much emphasis on the Chick V, almost assuming that since its not exactly deadly and everybody gwen get it anyways, then it makes no sense causing a big hullabaloo about it. People in Europe, Canada and South America caught Chick V as well and some would say they weren’t prepared for it either, even though it was moving through the Caribbean at an alarming rate. But then you have to think that a place like the US with their top of the line medical facilities still had people get infected with ebola and we were spared. So I wouldn’t necessarily say our Government paid no attention in this case. It caught most of us off guard.


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