Meet . . . Lesie of Lesie’s World. Blog World Interivew @Char_Lesie

I had the honour of being interviewed by the GREAT Ronovan @RonovanWrites . . . do me a favour, check it out, let me know what you thought, and don’t forget to follow him. He’s awesome!


I had the incredible honor of interviewing one of my favorite people. The moment I saw her name I was intrigued and then I will admit I saw her. I instantly thought power, strength, and beauty. Her name is Charlese, the feminine of Charles, a name originating with Charlemagne (Charles the Great) and meaning Free Man. I know, a bit more of a history lesson about a name than you might have liked or even I intended, but sometimes a name just fits a person so well, and this one of those times.

Lesie of Lesie’s World lives up to the legacy of her name, even before I had exchanged a word with her I felt from her something ‘Great’.  From Jamaica, that place where we all want to go, where legends of song and speed come from.


Without any further words from me, Meet . . .



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