Book Review # 2: Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

“Yoooow,” she exclaims. “You memba dah book deh weh mi did a read di odda day?”

“Which book dat?” Oliver asks.

“Rebecca man,” she replied with annoyance.

“What happen to it? You done it yet?”

“No ennuh. Mi did kinda drop offa it di odda day still. Dem kinda did get boring and mi did lazy an ting.”

“So a wha happen now?”

“Well mi dear, mi decide fi tek it up back an continue read it and mi get one shock you see mah.”

“Ehh? A cudda wah so?”

“You waan me tell you? Or yah go read it?”

“You know me aready. Mi nah read dat a blowow.”

She rolls her eyes. “So, memba how mi did tell you seh di firse wife dead a sea and how evrybaddy an dem mumma a mourn fi di girl? And how it worse now cause di widower fine wan nex’ girl and married har. Memba dat? Well, it turns out a di widower -”

“Oi Suzie, you deh bout?”

“Hush nuh man. Suzie a tell me bout di book weh she dida read. Gwaan again Suze.”

“But mi a ask Suzie a weh she deh.”

“Mi deyah Mikey. A whappen?”

“A which book unnu a talk bout?”

“Rebecca,” Suzie replied.

“A di one where di wife dead and di husband fine wan nex’ girl and we fine out seh a really him -”

“Mikey,” Suzie interrupted. “A you a tell di story or a me?”

“Arite, go tru Suzie, do yuh ting.” Mikey acquiesces.

“Whe mi did seh again?”

“Di girl dead and di husband remarried,” Oliver shrugs. “What’s di deal?”

“Right, so all di time mi did tink seh de firse wife dead a sea, dat di boat crash into suppm, an di boat capsize and she drown, right? Turns out, is the husband -”

“Suzie, Mallard on line 2 fa you,” the intercom buzzed.

There was a collective sigh from the three. “A guess you gwen haffi read di book fi fine out a wah di husband do, eh Oliver.”

“But mi neva plan fi read it.”

“Read it man, it nah go hurt. Mi will len you my own when a finish. But is a good book fi go read.”

Mikey nods in agreement.



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