A True Trubie!

Today’s Writing 101 Daily Prompt requires that I free-write about something that’s been on my mind for a while. And so today, I chose to rant about my true feelings regarding the final season of True Blood.

Please bear in mind that I will spoil a few things for you if you haven’t yet watched it and intend to, so STOP right now if that is so.

You have been warned!

I’m a tv head, cannot deny this. I will sit in front of a tv for days given there is nothing I have to do or nowhere to go. That is my favourite waste of time. But I’m not into the regular ‘real-life’ police and crime drama, nor am I into soap operas although I do indulge in the Real Housewives of all cities – that I cannot help either.

No. I like good science fiction television with a lot of fantasy and epicness. The more magicky it is, the better. I like to escape from the world as we know it into the unknown. It’s the same with the books I read. I like to disappear between the pages into a world I can only imagine, and even then, if I can’t imagine it, all the better.

So, in light of that admission, I have an affinity for True Blood, Game of Thrones, Grimm, Once upon a Time, Marvel Agents of Shield, Da Vinci’s Demons, Archer, the Walking Dead, and my newest additions: The 100 and Dominion.

Unfortunately for us fans of the show, most if not all shows, all things must come to an end, right?! Life comes to an end eventually, therefore other things will end. I get it! This being the final season of True Blood is a bitter-sweet season for many, myself included.

I’ve never read the books for which the series was based on, so I’m not quite sure how the ending goes in the books, nor do I fancy it that much. But, and quite unfortunately, the last two seasons was a bit of a stretch for me. I didn’t fancy the last season that much so to hear that this season is the be-all and end-all of True Blood, I was silently happy.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved and still love the series. But I can also admit when it’s time . . . “our time is now over TB. It was fun while it lasted but . . .”

Now, this post was spurred on by the death of a beloved character on True Blood – Tara Thornton. Tara was the protagonist’s best friend who went through several ordeals, was killed and quickly turned into a vampire. Tara was the no-nonsense straight talker, one of the very few on the show, and it was hard for me not to like her. I empathized with her, hurt for her, cried with her, more than I did for the protagonist.


In the opening episode for the season, we see Tara up in arms with another vampire who unlike her was vicious and blood-thirsty, and they fought back and forth at her mother’s feet. Next scene, we see the mother huddled over a glob of blood crying that ‘they killed her baby girl, Tara’. In essence, we are led to believe that Tara is dead, finally dead.

I’m not a believer.

I know people are going to die in this season. I get it. People will die; it’s the end, anything can happen, and anyone can get killed. But unlike true True Blood fashion, when someone dies, especially a vampire, it is usually visible to the viewers. You’ll see the body swell, and blood spewing everywhere and then they explode into the glob of blood mentioned before. There was none of this for Tara.

What? Tara’s death wasn’t good enough for us to see?

In addition to that, there is a special connection between a ‘maker’ (one who makes a vampire) and their progeny. In other words, Tara’s maker would have felt her death if it were true, but there was no indication from the maker therefore I cannot believe that Tara is dead.

But now that I’ve drawn those two connections and therefore made my conclusion, there are articles and posts and interviews with Rutina Wesley who plays Tara who thanks her audience for our continued support, in other words – confirming Tara’s death.

If this really is the case, then I am gravely disappointed with the directing and presentation of the final season. If someone is meant to die, then make it unequivocal and unmistakable. Why would you not spend the time to make things right? One simple shot showing Tara exploding at her mother’s feet would have been sufficient for me. I would circumvent the denial stage of grief and move on. But no, because it was done poorly, I’m here adamant that Tara is not dead.

Dead is not always completely dead.

Nevertheless, I will stick it out to the end. I will stick around regardless of who else is killed off, or whether Tara actually shows up again. I kinda half expect it. I kinda want it. But whatever happens, I’m a True Trubie to the end, and that is the truth.





So tell me . . . what do you think?

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