The Rage Within

“You know you have road rage, right?” my hubby comments after having watched me stare down a driver.

All I could say was “Yes, I know.”


I will be the first to admit that road rage is very real, and that I have a very strong dose of it. Where did I get it from? I have no idea. How do I manage it? I don’t think I do that very well either.

You see, I have a strong aversion to idiots, doing idiot things on the road because they’re idiots. I think the driving exam should be able to weed out those idiots amongst us and deny them a valid drivers license.

Let me apologise in advance if this post offends anyone. I do not mean to point you out, or as we would say in Ja – fling stone inna hog pen. I’m not trying to justify my road ragism, but sometimes people do some really silly things on the road, and that pisses me off beyond belief.

Here are a couple (just a couple) of the instances we face on a daily basis which tends to aggravate the road rage.

1. Driving in the far right lane (on a road with two lanes going in one direction) and attempting to turn left (or vice versa), cutting across the second lane and possibly causing a congestion problem. They tend to hold up the line behind them and the left lane as well.

Solution: THINK about where you want to go before you go. If you know you’re going to want to turn left, position yourself so you can turn left without much hold-up, interference, or possibility of an accident. Is that too much to ask?

2. On a road with two lanes going in one direction, the driver chooses to drive on the broken line . . . at 20mph o.O Seriously?! This is usually the taxi-men and bus drivers although other common folk have been known to do this.

Solution: The broken center line is not a guideline for drivers to drive on; it denotes one lane different from the next. CHOSE ONE lane and work with it.

3. Someone driving at 20mph because they’re lost, or looking for a particular place, or because they’re on their phone. As a result there is a long line of traffic behind them, because no-one can overtake them.

download (1)

Solution: Pull over to the left and allow those of us who know where we’re going to go about our business. It’s selfish to hold up a line of people who can’t help you because you’re lost. Meanies!

AngryCat-driving-meme4. Cyclists and Motor Bike riders. Here’s my reason: In Ja we don’t have bike lanes (sad, yes I know, and it would help alleviate this issue), so our cyclists have to dilly-dally between the cars on the road. It’s very dangerous, I get it. I would think thrice about riding a bike on our roads (only because people like me exist out there). But my problem with them goes deeper:

a. Their inability to ride their motor bike or bicycle in a straight line. If you’ve ever seen a regular bicycle man in Jamaica, the knees are stuck out at 90 degree angles away from the bicycle, and for some strange reason, is like the hardest thing in the world to ride the bicycle without wobbling. So now you have a wobbling dilly-dallying unpredictable cyclist to avoid hitting when you’re on the roads.

b. Their inability to ride close enough to the curb as possible. You would think the safest place to ride a bicycle would be next to the sidewalk, so if you do get hit, you’ll land on the sidewalk (which is often grassy) and you’d avoid the risk of another car running you over. Do our cyclists do that? Nope. Dem mussi tink seh dem can beat out and duco over like cyar.

c. Their disregard for their own life. As a driver, I know I have to drive for myself, and all the other drivers out there. Meaning, I have to be cognizant of everybody’s actions around me as I drive so as to avoid a collision. But for some reason, cyclists are harder to look out for. The other day, I was in one lane of traffic turning right onto a main road. There was a cyclist in the far left lane who chose at the very last minute to dart across the moving SUV in front of me, so that he could turn right as well. So he cuts off di big big SUV and another car coming around the corner in the opposite direction without a second glance back. Now if the SUV did actually lick him, you wudda hear how di man wicked when in truth, the cyclist himself had no regard for his own life.

5. Drivers who stop in the middle of the lane for no goddamn reason what-so-ever. Self-explanatory, right?

Solution: PULL OVER! It’s as simple as that, it’s not rocket science.

Then there are the Drifters – those who drift into other lanes regardless of whether someone is there or not; the Slowpokes – those who drive slow for no reason what-so-ever; the Blinkers who have their indicators on for the last five left turns but they end up turning right instead; and the Non-Blinkers – those who chose not to use their indicators at all – the other side of the guess and spell game.


I could go on and on with other situations that exasperate the rage within, but I think I’ll stop here. If I go any further this post would take you 5 days to read.

But tell me, what drives you crazy about other drivers?




  1. I can relate. I turn into a completely different person when I drive.

    I just returned home a few hours ago from softball camp out of state/mini vacation and have driven over 25 hours in the last 7 days. Tomorrow I’m heading out to basketball camp with my other child & have another 20-25 hours ahead of me in the next 7 days to come. Lord, help me!

    Loved the post…it was much needed humor for sure, knowing I’m not the only one 🙂


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