Dear Window,

You know seh you is not a good smaddy. Why you eva so dirty so? I mean, you get splash yessideh, yes, but I wipe you off, spray wata pan you, and you still streaky streaky and murky like. I doan get it. You mek it look like mi nayven a try keep you clean. Mi cannot see tru you to how you so dirty.


Thank God fi di one one scweegy man dem wid dem scweegy and bokkle of wata from God only knows where. See one a come yah now. Is a wonda how him nuh look pon you wid disgrace. And mi wash you last weekend too. Mi nuh see why mi haffi a clean clean you every minute.

Ah, see it deh. Nice and clean, streak-free and clear. I can see straight into next week to how you nice and pretty now. You tink you can keep it up? Just fi a likkle bit?!

Mi know seh a nuh yuh fault still, but you nah help me out needa, even when mi a try help you out. So wah you seh, you can try keep clean for a while? Everyting wudda criss and curry, mi jus a seh.

Rispeck an One love mi dupes,
Di Brownin’



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