Ball Game

“You know seh Brazil and Mexico a play now, right?” Leroy answered his phone. “Yes, mi cannot help you now. Call back at half time,” he continued distracted. “Yes, mmhmm, good good.” And the phone call was up.

“How dah man deh can drop so eeh?” Isaac said.

“Is like dem playing in one big swimming pool de way how dem love dive so,” Leroy replied.

“Watch deh, di man nayven step pon him foot and him chuck off. How dem stay so man? Is like dem nuh eat good good food. Dem flimsy sah.” Isaac exclaimed.

“A so Neymar stay. Him cyaan help it.”

“Stop you foolishness.”

“Watch yah now . . .”

“GOOOOOAAA – Aawwwww! Good try my yute, good try.” Everyone claps.

“Nicely done Keepa.”

“Breddrin, mi nay tell you fi call me at half time? . . . arite, hold on deh likkle bit,” Leroy rests his phone in the palm of his hand. “So dat nuh score? Look, di ball go over di line.”

“No man, it nuh score. Dem a use goal-line technology.”

“I cannot stand dat ting you see. Eehe,” Leroy says into the phone, his eyes darting between the computer screen and the tv screen.

“Watch yah. Look how dem a run wid di man. Is like dem want Neymar look good.”

“Him nuh haffi try look good, he is good.”

“Oi you over there so . . . be quiet. Dem fi body up di man, man.”

“Hey, you nuh see seh the man lick down him owna man fi get a penalty?!” Laughter erupts followed by silence at another attempt at goal.

“In deh.”


“Watch it now.”

“WHEW!” Everyone breathes as the ball skirts the goal post.

“A so ball game fi play. A so mi did want de match fi go yesterday.”

“You know seh Brazil ago loose dis game. Dem dont deserve to win.” Lacky exclaims as the Brazilians miss the perfect opportunity. “Afta dah match yah, dem fi jump pon a 38 bus and head downtown.”

Everyone chuckles and then claps when the half-time whistle blows.

“Arite guys, back to work . . . for at least 15 minutes. Leroy, you have couple calls to make, right?”

“Hmm what? Oh yes, I’m on it boss.”

Writing 101: Day Twelve – Dark Clouds on the Horizon



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