A di ting weh mi love!

Annessly, mi nuh know a when mi did firse get a tase. Mi jus memba liking lasagna from ever since mi was a likkle pickeney. An mi love it even more tiddeh.




Me’s smaddy weh looooove cheese, anyting wid cheese, a me dat. Even dough mi sinus ago affect me aftawards, mi love anyting wid cheese. It get so bad dat mi haffi plan fi eat anyting wid cheese. If a pizza, lasagna, even di numba 2 from Burger King (Whopper with bacon and cheese), mi haffi plan fi eat dem ting deh and nuh eat dem two days in a row or else.

But mi love mi lasagna. Wid di beef and di diffrant cheeses, and di pasta, and di cheese, mi seh cheese aready, doah? And di tomato sauce, even a vegetarian lasagna can tase good.

Mi memba one time when mi aunti dmek one lasagna, it did have beef in it, but she did add some broccoli and some odda green sitt’n, and di ting tase good you see. Mi all can tase it yah now.

Odda dan de diffrant type a cheese when inna di lasagna, mi nuh know a wah bout it so sweet, but mi love a good lasagna wid garlic bread. Mi husband would buy a lasagna fi mi every now an den you see, one nice healty dose a lasagna, wid garlic bread and a sweet potato salad, and di ting have me weak . . . him know how fi ketch me 😉

An fi show you how much mi love lasagna, we, or rather me, chose di reception restaurant fi wi wedding mainly because dem did have lasagna pan dem menu. And mek a tell you, di lasagna did big like di plate itself. A di nuffest lasagna mi eva did get. Couldn’t eat it off, an quite a numba a people did orda di lasagna dah night deh. So a nuff nuff people like lasagna, but none as much as me.

Mi keep telling miself seh mi need fi find a decent lasagna recipe, an make it miself. But mi feel like mi cyaan do dat, cause a lasagna mi wudda eat evry week. Cyaan do dat. A wudda have one permanent headache if I ever learn how fi cook a lasagna.

But yeah, lasagna a my ting, my favourite childhood to adulthood meal (Writing 101: Day 10 – Favourite Childhood Meal)

Wah a your favourite childhood meal? A wah you love nyam so till?!




  1. Awesome! I loved this. Cheese can be bad but oh so good. Maybe it’s your body defending itself not letting you cook one that’s just right. 🙂 For me it’s the #4 at McDonald’s. 🙂
    Much Respect


    • Lol, I think you’re right about my body defending itself against the cheese . . . but its oh so good, isnt it? Cheese makes anything taste better, I think.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂
      Bless up!


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