One of those days

It was one of those days when Jesse just did not feel like jogging. She hated the fact that she had to run around and around in a circle at the park, but she had no choice, and she needed the exercise. She found her favourite playlist on her phone and plugged in her earphones and set off running along the rather boring track. After finding her rhythm and falling into stride, passing fellow joggers left, right, and centre, and that palm tree for the umpteenth time, she decided to focus on the people milling about the park.

As she rounded the corner her eyes caught the sight of a woman and a man tussling about. The man jerked his hand away, shoved the woman back, and then turned and walked away. The woman, Jesse noted, had a despondent look upon her face, glancing about frantically, her lips moving but Jesse heard nothing through her earplugs. The man continued along the path that ran across the joggers trail, fiddling with something in his hands; that something, Jesse guessed, was the woman’s thing before. As the man crossed her path, Jesse picked up speed and decided that today, she would have a little more than her usual boring run.

“Oh my God, someone help! He stole my phone,” Anna heard the scream before she saw anything.

She was lounging on the grass with her beau Frank, who had orchestrated this lovely afternoon picnic at the park.

“Did you hear that?” she asked Frank as she glanced up from the board game they were playing.

“Hear what? You’re just trying to distract me again aren’t you?” Frank asked settling back unto their blanket.

Anna looked about anxiously, worried there was a thief in the park and that they were no longer safe. She heard the rustling of the leaves of a nearby bush and gasped when a man stepped through the thicket and onto the path. He hurriedly walked down the path that ran past their little spot, glancing behind ever so often with an agitated air about him. He slipped down the steps easily and out of sight behind a tree that blocked Anna’s view.

Shortly after the man disappeared down the steps, a jogger came barrelling around the corner and down the same path. She was not jogging, she was running, she was running after this man.

Mitzie stood, stunned and shaken, in the exact same spot where everything had happened. She was beside herself. She was just robbed. Her mouth gaped open, her eyes wide with fear, terror, and confusion. Someone was rubbing her back, another stood before her, mouth moving but no words were heard, not by her at least. She had never been robbed before and as such, she had no idea what to do.

She was strolling through the park, like she did everyday for the past three years. She lived east of the park, and worked on the west side; the park was always a pleasant short-cut. And on those pleasant strolls through the park she always had her phone in hand, in case she wanted to snap a quick shot, or make a call, or maybe she waited on a particular call.

Today she was talking to her friend on the messenger. She glanced down to reply when a massive hand slid into view and grabbed the phone in her hand. Her heart raced just thinking about how it had happened not too long before. She held onto the phone as tightly as she could but the man’s grip was stronger, and his strength far out-matched hers. Before long, he was yanking her off her feet. He growled at her, his eyes dark and dangerous, and she flinched at the threat on his face. That hesitation got him the phone. He shoved her away from him hard, and walked off as if nothing happened.


Today’s post is brought to you by . . . Writing 101: Day 9 – Changing Moccasins, Points of View.



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