The Price

The moment I saw her, I knew she was the one. She had a certain confidence in her stride, and a sparkle in her eye. Today was the day.

Sure, I was bundled under several others like myself. It would be difficult for her to find me among the others that were the splitting image of me. I frowned thinking she would never find me, she would never come to know me, she would never chose me.

She approached us with scepticism. Her eyes narrowed with uncertainty. The others shouted to her grabbing her attention but I could do nothing. I was bombarded with my lack of individuality. I was despondent with fear that I would remain here and rot away into oblivion.

She searched among us, throwing this one and that one aside with apathy. I now feared she’d find me and mistreat me as her eyes showed no favour.

My brother, who laid above me was chosen after much scrutiny and my heart sank. I would be left here to wither away into nothingness.

She turned to walk away but paused for a fraction of a second, looking back at us. Her eyes darted to a sign at the front. I had no idea what that sign said, but I am forever grateful for whatever she found on that sign. She turned back toward us and without hesitation she picked me, inspected me, measured me up, and found me satisfactory. She then she threw me over her shoulder as she headed to the lady behind the desk.

I was elated. She chose me. My brother and myself had been found. We would have a new home.

And she would be happy with us, her two new pairs of jeans, that she got for the price of one.

After note:

I hope I have not cheated with this one, I apparently did two Daily Posts in one today.

The first comes from the Daily Post which asks us to describe an antique thing from the thing’s perspective. Those jeans I bought between 2001 and 2003 (can’t exactly remember when), but I still have one pair, and they fit me so much better now that they did back then. Great purchase right?!

The second Daily Post comes from the Writing 101 Day 8 challenge which asks us to do away with adverbs. I tried my hardest to avoid all the ‘ly’ ending words during the post, so I hope I did a good job, and that this double-teaming is acceptable.

What say you?


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