The View

The air is cool and crisp, fresh and relaxing.

In the distance the fireflies dance between the limbs and blossoms of the hibiscus and Bougainvillea trees that line the driveway. The cricket’s chirp and whistle relentlessly in their nightly symphony accompanied by croaking frogs, hooting owls, rustling rodents, and other sounds not easily distinguished.

I could sit in this silence for hours, soaking up the stillness and the calm that surrounds me. Allowing my heart to beat in rhythm with the orchestra, and my mind to be further transported to a place of wonder.

I would curl up on the lounge chair in that fluffy blanket and watch the river roar and splash and spray. The glow from the cabin’s second floor balcony is enough to illuminate the river for the midnight swim the others were in for. I sigh as a swim would be lovely, but the cool air and the freezing water does not entice me as much as staying warm and cozy overlooking the river.

There is a glass of red in my hand and a good book on my kindle, and the love of my life similarly outfitted next to me, the warmth from his body stemming the chill in the night air.

I could stay in this place forever, watch the sun rise over the tree tops and brighten the day, take a stroll up the bank of the river and then take a swim back down to the cabin. We would have picnic-style dinners down by the river side and spend the night in quiet reflection, observing the stars move overhead while listening to nature’s harmony.

I could sit and write for days, and read books endlessly, forgetting the world and all its woes. I could disappear to a place as this, where time is forgotten, fear is non-existent, and work is whatever you choose to do at that moment.

Today’s post is brought to you by Writing 101: Day 2 – A View


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