Am I right or am I Right?!

In thinking about today’s Daily Prompt which asks what do you consider your Prized Possession, I had to think of the things I could not do without if, for example, I’m stuck in the country or stranded on a deserted island. And that puts a lot into perspective, right?

I mean, what will I need if I’m lost in the country or stuck on a deserted island?

converse all star black lowThe first thing I could think of was a good pair of converse. I’ve said before that my favourite article of clothing was my converse; with a pair I feel like I could take on the world . . . this I’ve also said before. But the truth is, they are the most comfortable piece of footwear I can think off. Sure Crocs would be more comfortable, stilettos would be more fashionable, sandals more relaxed, and work shoes more professional but . . . if you are stuck in the country and have to climb hillside and roam valleys and jump across rivers and such . . . crocs, stilettos, sandals, and work shoes are no good. You’d sooner cut off your own feet rather than walk another inch in any of those. But with a good pair of converse, you can do anything and walk for miles!

Am I right or am I right?!

HP35THNThe second thing I could think of, which is not a necessity if stuck on an island but are something every girl needs. No, it’s not lip gloss, or mascara, or baby wipes. No . . . every girl should have a pair of silver or gold (or both) hoops, and preferably the size of your fist. With a nice pair of hoops a girl is ready for anything, day or night. They are the best type of jewellery in my humble opinion.

Am I right or am I right?!


20140429_114918_1The third thing I thought of was my notebook, and a good pen. Even when I didn’t consider myself a writer I always had a notebook in my bag. You never know when you need to jot something down, am I right? I mean you have to-do lists, grocery lists, wish lists, important dates, quotes and phrases, names and places to remember, business ideas, and a myriad of other things you may need to write down during the day, and a great book with nice leaves and a beautiful pen makes it oh so much better. And you don’t want the paper-mate ball-tip kind of pens either. You need a gel ink, flowy pen that makes you want to write, and write your best because that crab-toe writing wont look good in gel ink. No siree! And you should get blue ink as well, because apparently you remember more stuff written in blue ink rather than black ink . . . don’t ask me why, I’m only relaying a belief.

But . . . am I right or am I right about the notebook and a gel ink pen?!

divergent_hqAnd the last thing I could think of was, and it is sad to say . . . my android phone. Not because I’m gonna want to call someone or what’s app them or whatever, because lets face it . . . if you are stuck on a deserted island chances are there will be no data coverage and no WiFi. But I’ll be able to take selfies (lol – I can’t believe I just put that on the list :/), I can listen to music, and most importantly – read a good book when I’m done climbing the coconut tree for some coconut water. All joking aside – a good book is something I would definitely have to have on my stranded vacation. And for me that would be either one or both of the Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss, the Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth, or the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin. So even if I don’t have my phone, as long as I have a good book series to entertain myself then I’m good.

So, what do you think? Am I right or am I right?!

And what’s your most prized possession?



  1. Yay for Gel Pens!! I love me some gel pens and don’t buy anything else any more ๐Ÿ™‚ I did not know about writing/remembering in blue – I shall have to change from my preferred black and see if it is so! But girl – how you going to charge that android on your desert island? We need us some solar powered phones, now wouldn’t that be good!


    • Yeah I did remember that I wont be able to charge my phone so maybe the phone wouldn’t be a good idea. But I can get at least 3 days of battery life (without wifi that is), but after that, amma need an actual paperback book, or like you said a solar generator to recharge my phone.

      So that’s the fifth thing on my list – solar power ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. A good series of books is a must along with music. With that being said… i would want a few battery packs for my phone ๐Ÿ™‚

    A pack of moist wipes is a MUST!!!!!! To either clean my hands or dare i say wipe my ass (I’m not using no damn leaves)


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