A book that scares me

For the month of April, I choose to read a book that scares me.

When I was younger, I used to read the Goosebumps series (holla if you know what I’m talking about ;)). I was never a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys reader, I loved Goosebumps. It was the right amount of scary, the perfect balance of suspense and intrigue, and heart-pounding action and quite often a slim dose of literal goosebumps on the side . . . of your neck or something. But, as you get older, the novelty wears off and you want something more dangerous or you just outgrow that phase. I think I outgrew the phase even though I’ve read other somewhat scary books. I remember reading Matthew Reilly’s The Contest and that book gave me a good dose of adult fear, and it made me curious of his other books. But honestly, I think that was the last really scary book I’ve read.

Now, I choose the category – a scary book – because I kinda long for a good scare. I’ve read books I can’t put down because it’s that great (Divergent), and I’ve read books I want to put down because it just sucks (Seeds of Earth). I think I want to read a book that I’m torn between wanting to put it down but continue reading because it’s both scary as heck and a great read.

What came to mind immediately when I thought of a scary book was any one of the millions of Stephen King’s books.

Mek a tell you sumting bout this bredda . . . if you don’t already know about him.

This man puts out a book every year at least. He’s written books . . . BOOKS o.O based on a newspaper article he happened across at the beginning of the year. He writes books for television series, movies, comics, you name it, he’s written it. And most of the horror movies we’ve all grown up watching and being scared sh*tless of, he’s written the books. How freaking amazing is this man?

As a writer and a potential author, mi nah lie . . . his level of greatness is what I aspire for. I know people, have spoken to people who say they’ve been working on a book of theirs for the past umpteen years . . . One book . . . for how much years? This man puts out at least one book each year, for however long he’s written books, he’s published at least one per year. I don’t think you understand what I’m saying . . . let me repeat:

Di man put out at least one ‘dege-dege’ book per year!

He makes it look easy, and that is something I aspire to do . . . write one book per year. That’s all, not so hard don’t?! (Don’t answer that.)

Anyways, I kind of digress.

Did I mention that I fear Stephen King movies? Like, how exactly do I plan to read one of his horror books, if I can barely stomach the movies?

So I can tell you from now, this is going to be a real challenge.

One bloggy friend of mine suggests Pet Cemetery as the book to read this month. Not gonna lie, the name alone sounds like seven shades of scary, and I’ve never seen the movie though I’ve heard of it. So I think that’ll be the book this month.

Wish me luck and a good dose of nerve-strengtheners.

Next month, I think I will look at Stephen King’s autobiography On Writing where he expounds on his history with writing and how a writer can possibly come close to his level of awesomeness.



  1. oh no… I hate Stephen Kings writing… he goes on and on and on… and I feel like he almost tells you too much about the characters… I read Pet Cemetery and blugh… the only book of his that I liked was Fire Starter… though I did get through Thinner and it was at least interesting and definitely different…


      • If you’re not big on scary but want to read him… I’d go with Fire Starter… I mean it’s still disturbing but not nearly as messed up as some of his others… Thinner isn’t so bad either… definitely some bad stuff going on in it but still… Oh and I did read Salem’s Lot too… basically just a scary vampire story but nothing too horrible… but Pet Sematary is just all kinds of wrong and the ending was so creepy… I’ve tried to read other of his books because so many people do love him and the rest I haven’t been able to get even a few chapters into… he just isn’t my thing… and there isn’t even close to happy ending in any that I’ve read… so depressing…

        Though he did write the Green Mile series and I did like that movie… didn’t read the books but my dad liked those but I only know the movie there… which if you haven’t seen is totally worth a watch…


  2. All I can say is brace yourself. I think Pet Semetry is mild comparing to his other books. The man comes up with some ridiculous story line you have to ask yourself if he’s cursed or something. Its crazy! But he’s good. Christine is another mild scare he writes. Happy reading.


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