Photo Challenge Days 6 – 10

It gets harder. o.O

Day 6 continued with Low Angle: take a picture while looking up at something.

‘Millions of Dreams need strong shoulders’: Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston

Day 7 was Silhouette

For Silhouette photography you need to place your subject against a light source. But for the life of me I could not grasp the characteristics of this shot, nor could I identify silhouetted possibilities. Then, I went through some pics I took last year on a trip we took to Lyme Cay and found this. A photo taken with my old jalopy of a camera phone.

Found him, Superman . . . he was chillaxing on Lyme Cay

Day 8 was Sunset

Now you know I aint got no problem with Sunsets, right?!

Sunset on Washington Boulevard

Day 9 is Bokeh

Bokeh simply put is an out-of-focused photograph with great detail on something in the foreground. It’s hard to do Bokeh with a smart phone as you can’t focus on any one thing in the shot – unless I haven’t figured it out yet :/

Anyway, with the help of Snapseed, this is my Bokeh shot:


 Day 10 is Lens Flare

Lens Flare occurs when light scatters in the lens and streaks across the shot.


I think I may have gone overboard with this one, as you see more lens flare than an actual picture. But I’m happy with it nonetheless.

What do you think?


So tell me . . . what do you think?

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