Theft of Swords: Book Review # 2

Though I’ve mentioned my issue with listening to audio books already, I’ve found it quite relaxing this week. Still in the midst of Theft of Swords, not because it’s difficult or because I’ve lost interest, but because I’ve been busy trying to pen the first draft of my book.

I’ve become obsessed with it, constantly clicking away at my computer, feeling anxious and drawn to write it all at the same time. I love and hate the characters, and I’m stretching my imagination to include the far-out things I wouldn’t have considered before. But I’m coming up on a road block. The words still flow out of me easily, but it’s not what I want to say, not the direction I want to go, not what I want them to do. And so, I take a break this weekend from writing so I can refresh myself and come with a new perspective.

Back to Theft of Swords however.

While I haven’t had time this week to read much, I found that I could listen to the audio book while I ran errands, which was a lot. At one point, I was listening to a court case from the book, and I just wondered why don’t we play stuff like that on the radio? Why can’t I listen to lawyers berate their witnesses, and hear their closing remarks? Why cant we listen to television shows on the radio? But I digress, I think.

There is one thing I noticed about Theft of Swords though. From the very first page, something happens. Something happens on almost all the pages I’ve read/listened to. The banter between the lead characters is often hilarious. But there is something missing from the story. My guess is the main plot is missing. I’m not sure where everything that’s happened up until now, leads to. I’m not sure what’s the point of the story. The book is called Theft of Swords and the thieves have already attempted to steal a powerful/magical sword for which they were tricked and wrongfully accused of treason and of killing the king. But all of that is sorted out and done, yet still I’m not even half way through.

I dunno . . . I’ll continue because if I can finish Seeds of Earth I can finish this one, but I’m not seeing the bigger picture.




    • Yeah I finished book 2 not too long ago. Still felt lacking in terms of plot structure but it was a good listen. The second part was much more intriguig than the first and yes they did try to steal a second sword but still, there was no main aim throughout the entire book. I’ll just say it is way different than other books I’ve read, interesting…. but different. I may come for the other audio books though 😉


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