Murphy’s backside

My apologies for the missing post yesterday.

Murphy’s Law came into full effect as the culmination of all things that could go wrong with this wedding did.

Let me back track . . .

When we decided to get married and subsequently set our date for April 2014, I jumped right into finding the perfect location. You will see the options we had here as I dragged my bridesmaids and several others to investigate the Admiral Great House, Alhambra Inn, and Hope Gardens. And after having searched high and low and not wanting to wait until the last moment we chose the Annuals Gardens at the Hope Botanical Gardens as our venue for the ceremony and reception. We met with their manager and made our 50% deposit in November of last year. Great, I thought, because we found our location and made sure to secure it, so we wont have to worry about this any more.

Then we went about Mr. Man’s suit. He wanted a tailor-made suit he could wear on other occasions, one which would look dapper and sharp and everything nice. We located the tailor, a big name men’s suit manufacturer who came highly recommended. We decided we wanted to secure this suit and their services as soon as possible so we made a deposit in December for said suit.

Mr. Man called the tailors last week to check on his suit and to inquire when he’d do his first fitting. They had not even started his suit. They had no idea who he was and could not find their records of his appointment/arrangement. This tid-bit of information came last week, at the four week mark. Are you with me here?

One month to go and his suit was not even started.

Then, on Monday of this week, Hope Gardens called me to say they apparently made a double booking on our space and wondered if we were willing to move. . . o.O What do I say to something like that? They ‘accidentally’ booked a party during the same day and time as our wedding and they wanted us to move to the ugliest place in the entire garden area. If I could go take pictures of the suggested area so you all can understand the audacity, I would. But even more so, where, in your infinite wisdom as the Manager of the events department at the Hope Gardens, does it make sense to ask a bride to move her wedding 3 WEEKS before the wedding day?! Someone please explain to me the logic in this decision of theirs, cause I am lost.

After recovering from my initial shock, I promptly told them NO, we are not interested in any other location. I also asked if we were booked accidentally or if the party was booked later, to which they admitted our booking came first. “So then yeah, we’re not moving, you need to ask the party to move to that location you suggested”. But just when I thought the situation was resolved and we wont have to worry again, Hope Gardens calls me again yesterday to beseech me to consider moving my wedding.

Now, if the phone call on Monday was an audacity, what do you call the phone call on Tuesday? What is worst that audacious?

I was, at that point, beside myself. They even went so far as to offer to lower our cost. But to be completely honest, right now the problem is not so much about the next location, it’s the lack of consideration given to us. Whatever the reason is, you can not ask a wedding to move their location to suit your greedy pockets. I don’t care who’s going to be offended here . . . that just does not compute to me. And the fact that they called me twice, 3 weeks before the wedding, has left a terrible after-taste in my mouth. The venue is now tainted to me, and I don’t even want to have it there again, but at 3 weeks to the day, it would be impossible to find another location equally beautiful, at a reasonable price, and available for us.

So I am not too happy right now.

Then, to add insult to injury, we had an unexpected unforeseen expense pop up that far outweighs the cost of the wedding to date. So the question is how do we take care of that additional expense and pay for the wedding in less than 3 weeks?

Murphy . . . you are a b*tch! Just thought you should know.



  1. Murphy REALLY trying to test your resolve. Hope Garden really have some nerve though… To know you booked first AND made a deposit!!!!
    You got your full money back right??


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