Two white girls on a minibus

On an island where the sun shines 300 days of the year, where there is a beach at least 45 minutes from anywhere, where there are lush green trees and beautifully coloured gardens, where there are waterfalls, and hot springs, and caves, and rivers, and coconut men, and jerk pork stops, and fruit men, it really is hard to create a schedule when travelling and stick to it. There is just so much to see and always too little time.

I love travelling, even if I’ve been there before, I love a good drive out to the countryside. The change in climate, the change in scenery, the change in environment is more than enough to solicit any travel.

I remember on my sixteenth birthday my mom and I took the minibus from Kingston to Ocho Rios. As we recalled the story the other day, my hubby-to-be started singing this song:

It’s very reminiscent of our journey to the north coast that year. We couldn’t plan our trip down to a ‘T’, because as the video suggests, a ride on a minibus is unpredictable in this country. They wont leave Kingston until the bus to full to the brim. And even then, they will find space for one or two others along the way – no one will be left behind. I remember we crammed ourselves into the back of the bus as we would be coming off at the very last stop in Ocho Rios.

Once we got to Ochi, we took a route taxi to the White River. Again, another unpredictable ride as the taxi too, would not leave his spot until his car was full. When we got to the White River, there were a couple Ras’ (Rastafarians) along the river that offered rafting and river tubing and we chose the latter. It was a lovely ride down the river on tubes, bumping and splashing along, shaded by the lush green foliage along the river. When we got to the bottom of the river, we headed back into the Ocho Rios town to have a late lunch at Margaritaville, where I promptly made use of the water slide. Great fun! Shortly after, we headed back to Kingston.

It seems pretty short for a trip, just to go tubing in Ochi, but it was one of my best trips ever. And the only thing planned about that day was the fact that we were going to Ocho Rios, come hell or high water.

In Jamaica, the only thing you need to plan or consider is your transportation. Once transportation is sorted, you can do anything and everything under the sun. As long as you know when to leave, and where to catch your next ride, you good!

No other planning necessary.



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