Close Call

Yesterday, my mother, husband-to-be, and I had an errand to run. It was a very simple errand. Essentially we were picking up the samples a caterer made for our reception dinner.

We met with the caterer and discussed briefly her cooking style and process. Then, once we got the samples we left and made our way back home. But in the midst of it all, we stopped at a supermarket so mother could pick up a few items. And you know how grocery shopping goes? You go in for one item and then remember the long list of things you forgot to get the last time. So the hubby-to-be and I followed mom in, but we then remembered the stuff we forgot the last time we did our grocery shopping.

Once we got those items, we continued on our journey to my mother’s house.

When I got inside and sat down I realised my phone, which was usually in my back pocket, was not in my back pocket. Did I even bring the phone up with me? I remember looking at it at the caterers house, and I vaguely remember checking it again at the supermarket, but that could just be a memory of another time.

Where was my phone?

I didn’t really pay it any mind at the time, because 1. I’m at my mom’s house, things get lost there all the time, but they were safe there, right? and 2. we still had time to search for the phone. So I went the entire afternoon tasting food, and chatting without pause for concern for my phone.

When we got in the car to leave, however, and the phone was nowhere to be found . . . panic set in. Hubby dearest rang the phone and nothing. I ran back into the house and asked mom to ring the phone as well, to which we heard nothing.

Where could the phone be?

It could either be at the caterers house, but she left shortly after we left. Or . . . I could have left it in the supermarket. o.O

This reminded me of the time my phone was stolen, right out of my hands. I felt helpless then, but now I felt disappointment. Disappointed in myself for neglecting my phone wherever it was, and even worse if I indeed left it at the supermarket.

Obviously I didn’t want the phone, obviously I had money to dash weh, obviously someone was sitting pretty tonight because of my negligence.

Last night was not pleasant.

I waited until the caterer returned home after which my mother called the phone and they both heard nothing. At this point my worst fear set in . . . I had left it at the supermarket. It’s gone now. I have to get a new phone. My heart broke.

But then, hubby asked if mom could look around her house and see if she found it, one last time. Sure enough, my phone was there, hidden somewhere, but thankfully, it was there.

Has this ever happened to you?

I always see people act so nonchalant when their phones go missing, like it’ll turn up eventually like the cat that goes off by his lonesome every now and then. I often wonder if they are even attached to their phone.

And although the communication aspect was a big factor for me, I think the gravity of the situation was compounded by the fact that I had saved and saved to buy this phone, and despite all of its earlier drama (shutting off by itself), I have grown attached to this phone. It’s literally my little sidekick, my accomplice, my wingman.

I know I’m making a big deal out of nothing, obviously the phone is ok – you found it didn’t you?, but I just thought I’d share.

Plus it didn’t help that a popular song is my ring tone. It doesn’t help because wherever you are in this country you can hear music playing somewhere, and quite often, that song is playing.

So obviously I need to change my ring tone.

I’m thinking the Game of Thrones theme song, or the intro for Star Trek. What is your pick?



  1. Game of thrones! And not to worry, I’ve searched for my phone that was in my hand. This usually happens with my cards though, they’re all in a nice black pouch that I am always digging down the place for.


    • Cool, one vote for Game of Thrones. Me likes!

      And yea I have searched for my phone while it was in my pocket, and is not until I sit on it I realize it was there. But the thought of leaving it at a supermarket or somewhere equally public?! Scared me.


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