Good gracious!

Oh you want to know what sugary sweet thing I am dying to eat?

Do you REALLY want to know?

I could do with a hefty slice of mocha coffee cheesecake . . . that decadent mix of chocolate . . . mmm . . . and coffee . . . oh lawd . . . and cheese . . . oh goodness . . . in a cake! o.O

My heart flounders, my pulse quickens, my mouth salivates, I can taste it. It’s right there on my lips . . .

Then there’s the frozen yogurt from Tutti Fruitti. The caramel, the Bailey’s, the nuttella, the coffee . . . sweet mother of monkey milk, I’m having a sugar overload just thinking about it.

And you know what else comes to mind?

The piercing headache I’ll have for three days straight . . . the sinus pressure . . . the sneezing and the coughing like I have a cold and the flu at the same time . . . the stuffy nose and can’t breathe in the night . . . the feeling of getting short of breath in mid conversation because I literally can’t breathe through my nose . . . the wads of tissue stuffed into my pants pockets, and my sweater pockets, and my jacket pockets . . . yeah, I remember all those all too familiar feelings as well, and I think . . . no! I will not have those sugary thoughts.

In retrospect, it’s not the sugary aspect that has me on the run, it’s the dairy factor, and especially my love for cheese. And, in further retrospect, it has more to do with a promise I made to myself to stay off the dairy until my wedding night, on which I’ll be having a beef lasagna, some creamy cheesy pasta, two slices of meat-lovers pizza, followed with that mocha coffee cheesecake and a tub of the caramel baileys nuttella coffee yogurt from Tutti Fruitti, while hoping I wont have those symptoms for the next couple of days.



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