Theft of Swords: Book Review # 1

s-typeopts13For the month of March I chose to read Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan as the book loved by a friend.

It’s the story of two thieves inveigled into stealing a sword but are instead accused of treason just as they walked in on the dead king lying on the floor.

What interests me, and my friend who fell in love with the book, is the banter between the thieves. They speak as if no one else is in earshot of their conversation; they are rather frank and hilarious to be honest.

I’m not far into the book so, as per usual, I can not give a complete book review, but so far it has been an interesting read. Not as gripping as Divergent, but definitely not painful as Seeds of Earth, which by the way, lol, my friend started reading the other day and is having as much difficulty as I had in reading the book. He agrees it is laborious and fatiguing, and he fights the good fight of not giving up on it.

All I can do is smile, as I am not alone on that one.

Anyways . . . Theft of Swords . . . decent read so far.


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