DIY Wine Glass Lanterns Part 2

Today, I am happy to report, and you’ll be happy to hear, I have completed my Wine Glass Lanterns.


Yippee! 😀 Glad face, happy dance, bare niceness!

A couple weeks ago I told you about my plans to do some DIY Wine Glass Lanterns for the centerpieces of the tables. I really love the natural light and ambiance candles give, and want candles everywhere.

I started cutting my lanterns a while back, but it wasn’t until last week when I cut television from my diet that I actually got things done. And in a week, I’ve completed my wine glass lanterns.

Last night, I set out all the glasses I had, just to see my progress, and after pairing them with their lanterns I realised I only had 5 lanterns left. FIVE!

I felt a great wave of release last night with the last lantern in place. It honestly feels so good to not only complete a project, but to complete it with weeks to spare, and to see that they all look really beautiful. I am so happy :’)


In my last post I asked whether I should use white lanterns or coloured, but I chose the coloured lanterns as the white doesn’t quite fit on the table.


In addition to completing the lanterns, my MOH and I finally found her dress yesterday. Can you say ‘relief’?!

Here’s the drama with that story:

So initially I found some dresses on one of my favourite websites late last year. My MOH chose the one she liked and we decided that to save a little, we’d get the dress made. She found two dress-makers /seamstresses but we had to source the material for the dress. So we drove out the whola Kingston trying to find the material, which took us from making the dress we saw, to making another type of dress, to not making the dress at all because the contacts just went MIA, and the material was hard to source, and horse dead and cow fat. And on top of all that, we went back to the original site ongle to find out that the dress in that particular colour is sold out, then the price doubled, and one nedda cock and bull story.

Oh lawd it was a stress, trying to decide what to do about her dress.

But yesterday we visited Emmanuel Boutique in Southdale Plaza, and found a beautiful peach dress . . . I absolutely love it! And I think it is perfect for the wedding. They have a lovely selection of outfits, styles, and accessories but they’re not a bridal boutique. So you know who will be visiting them soon enough?!

But just finding her dress yesterday, and finishing the wine glass lanterns . . . yesterday was a good day in pre-marital bliss, a great weight has lifted!

Stage 2 of the table decor is to use old wine bottles for our guests to leave messages for our anniversaries, aka DIY ‘Message in a Bottle’ (I just made that up). So each table with have a bottle labelled for one year of our marriage, for which our guests will leave messages of advise for that year of our marriage.

Hope to show you those next week. Make sure to stay tuned 😉



So tell me . . . what do you think?

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