My Loves

I’ve thought long and hard about this one.

Arite, fine . . . maybe not long and hard, but I’ve thought about it.

‘It’ being my answer to the question you dont know until now . . . “What do I give up for Lent?”

Last year, or rather, the last time I observed Lent, I gave up my love for added sugar. It was hard at first, of course, when everything, and I mean EVERYTHING has added sugar in it. I had to slowly wean myself off sugar by having less sugar with my coffee everyday, and the other things I added sugar to. And I did that the week leading up to Lent so that by the time Ash Wednesday came I could step boldly in the direction I had chartered without the remorse or slip-up of cutting it ‘cold-turkey’.

This year, although I really should go back to that no/low sugar state, there are other things I know I need to give up.

For one, my love of Television 😦

This will be difficult for me. It means no Archer, Almost Human, or Intelligence on Mondays, no Agents of Shield on Tuesdays, no Modern Family on Wednesdays, dont really watch much on Thursdays, no Grimm and Helix on Fridays, no Real Housewives reruns on Saturdays, no Black Sails or big blockbuster movies on Saturday night, and no Real Housewives of Atlanta and The Walking Dead on Sundays . . . I’m now realising my gross oversight and am seriously wondering if I can do this. :/

What this meant was that I lost at least 9 hours per week (on average) sitting in front of the television. That’s about an hour plus change every night lost to whatever I chose to watch on tv. Frightening huh?! o.O

What this means for me now, is that I have that hour to do other more important things in the evenings. Stuff like exercising because I need to get into tip top shape not only for my wedding, well mostly for my wedding, but also for the honeymooning on the beach afterwards 😉 . I should also take that time to continue working on my brooch bouquets, wine glass lanterns, ceremony programs, and other minor projects. I get more time to read, and to actually write, for which I have been making up excuses the past couple of months.

What I’m uncertain about is this: can I save all those shows I would have missed during the week and watch them back to back on the weekends? Would that be considered ‘cheating’? Let me know in the comments below . . . seriously, I want to know what you think about that.

Borrowed from Rustic Acres Winery

The second thing I know I need to give up is my undeniable and self-sabotaging love for cheese and other dairy products . . . but mostly cheese.

I have serious sinus reactions when I eat cheese, and I am an incurable cheese-oholic. I love cheese, in all its forms. Cheese makes EVERYTHING taste better. Why do you think they say “wine and cheese”, or “fruit and cheese”?! Why is there cheese on burgers, pizza, pasta, cakes, bagels, most biscuits and chips either come with a cheese dip or are baked with cheese inside them. Cheese is everywhere, on everything, and I cant help but love cheese. But unfortunately having too much cheese means a stuffed nasal cavity, sinus drainage, and headaches. And I have been in that state for pretty much all of February. So at this point, I need to back off in order to get better, so I can breathe normally, and so I dont have to walk around with clumps of tissue stuffed into my pockets.

This is something I have to do for myself, you hear that Cheese. It’s not you, it’s me! I need to do this for me! 😥

The only solace I have right now, is that I’ll be able to, and will, have a nice slice of meat-lovers pizza on my wedding night, with a side of cheesey bread, and cheese cake for dessert. Mmm mmm mouth-watering good, I cannot wait! 🙂

Are you observing Lent or no? What are your sacrifices?

PS: Can I watch my tv shows on the weekends or will that be considered cheating? Let a sister know people . . .


So tell me . . . what do you think?

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