March Madness!

It’s March y’all!!!

Do you know what that means?!

It’s the third month of the year

. . . yay!

It’s one month before my wedding

. . . woohoo and/or waaaah :'””(

Spring begins on the 20th

. . . hellooooo warmth and sunshine (although I have that all year round)!

Ash Wednesday is tomorrow and Lent begins which means I get to give up something meaningful to my existence but not really necessary.

But most of all, March is the birth month of my Blog – Lesie’s World!

Wait, what?!

Yes, March is my blog’s birth-month and I am happy slash anxious to explore the year’s growth, and to examine where I’d like to be next year at this time.

Last March, I started this blog with the intention of posting a short story everyday for the 30 Day Creative Writing Challenge I found here.

While I took a while and a half to complete said challenge, I think it is only fitting to do another challenge during this month to celebrate this milestone. But instead of doing another writing challenge, I thought of exploring my interest in camera phone photography and I chose to do this 30 Day Photography Challenge Project found here on Expert Photography.


Thankfully, for each daily challenge they provide a break-down of what to look for, what to consider, and how to take a truly magnificent photo and I plan to do so with just my likkle Samsung SIII mini. Yes, you heard it right. I aint using no iPhone or Lumia or anything like that, just my likkle S3 mini, and I am sooooo excited. I mean, after all, I’ve already gotten rave reviews for photos I’ve taken without really thinking about it.

So what say you? Will you be joining me in this photo challenge?


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