Divergent: Book Review Part 1

For the month of February I chose to read a book that became a movie: Divergent by Veronica Roth. I didn’t realize at first that this book was a young adult science-fiction having “debuted at #6 on the New York Times Children’s Chapter Books Best Seller list” in 2011 and has been on the Young Adults Best Seller list since February 2013.

Divergent is the first book in the dystopian trilogy by Roth.

I will admit, I started a wee-bit late in reading this book as I wanted to finish my last book before moving on. However, from what I’ve read so far I can say this book is rather fast-paced.

Without giving much away, the first couple pages flew by and unlike my last book, I understood completely what was happening and what is to come.

It is written in first person perspective. I have written and like writing in first-person, however, several of the books I’ve read in that perspective have started out a bit awkward, and Divergent was no different. It was vaguely reminiscent of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy with its awkward perspective. But I get it – the depth of emotion is not easily conveyed through a third-person perspective, hence the use of the first. But, like I said, the introduction in this style of writing has always felt uncomfortable at first. Mind you, you can move past that initial feeling . . . I have, it’s just rather interesting to me to understand what causes the disparity.

Aside from that, I find myself liking this book already, and I’m not that far into it. Seriously, I’m still on the first day of the protagonists life. But it has been an interesting read so far without much happening.

And yes, I would recommend it, based on what I’ve read so far. It seems good!


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