The epidemic

No it’s not one of those lethal epidemics we all need to look out for. You know the type . . . the ones liable to create zombie-like people running around either spitting black stuff into your mouth (Helix) or those taking a chunk out of your leg as you creep by.

I’m taking about the epidemic of excessive advertising on one’s page.

So I’m scrolling through Twitter and see a link to an article I think I would be interested in reading.

I click on the link and it opens with the title in bold at the top. So far so good. The link actually leads to the article I wanted.

I then scroll down a bit because the article should start right . . . about . . . o.O . . . the start of the article is nowhere to be seen.


Because people insist on cramming as many ads on their website that it becomes congested. Don’t get me wrong, I can respect a man’s hustle. I know they all do this writing, blogging, and advising on a daily basis and that they at some point want to make some money from it. I get it! I want to make some money writing too. But at some point one has to draw a line in the sand, and my line begins here.

There is absolutely no point, no point what-so-ever, in having a webpage covered in so many ads that your visitor, aka Me, cyaan fine’ di purpose a de page.

Was it an advertising link I clicked on by accident?

Am I supposed to pull out my magnifying glass to find the article hidden amongst the ads?

So I continue to scroll through the page of advertisements to find a paragraph of three sentences closer to the bottom of the page which signify the article. THREE SENTENCES?!?!? That’s not even 500 words!

I just wasted 5 minutes of my life hoping to find something meaningful on your site only to find a page chuck full of advertisements.

It’s a frikking epidemic a tell you!

I can’t be the only one . . . have you ever come across a similar site?!


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