Land we love

It occurred to me earlier this week, in light of Valentine’s Day, that many a Valentine’s basket or bouquet often included fruit.

There are the edible bouquets with chocolate and fruit, and chocolate covered fruits, and regular baskets which often include oranges or bananas and strawberries.

It occurred to me that as Jamaicans we have an abundance of fruit. Not only do most of us have fruit trees in our back yards, we also have men and women situated at almost all major intersections in Kingston selling bananas by the hand, some have Otaheite apples, star apples, june plums, even limes may be found.


The fact of the matter is there is always a fruit person on the road selling fruit according to the season. And it’s much the same when you’re on your way to the country. In fact, that is where the variety lies. There are pineapples, oranges, ortaniques and tangerines, sweet and sour sop, jack fruit, plantains, mangos, paw-paws . . .

Lawd mi mout’ a wata!

Sweet, juicy, and nice sizeable fruits in abundance.

I could not help but wonder . . . is that not love? A love for fruit? A love for our little island and its produce? A love for sharing our bounty? A love for our fellow country men and women?

Call it what you may, I think it’s called love, to share fruit . . . obviously! Considering, as said before, many V-Day baskets, bouquets, and gifts contain fruit of some kind.


So today, as those men and women brave the sun and lunatic drivers out there to procure some delicious fruit at the stop-lights, to them I say . . .

Happy Valentine’s Day

You bring us Sweet Love

From the Land we Love


So tell me . . . what do you think?

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