A book that became a Movie

In keeping with my “Read a new book each month” goal, I’ve decided that for February I should read a book for which the movie is coming out pretty soon. I could have chosen a book for which the movie already came out like the Hunger Games (which I did try to read but it was a ‘snooze-fest and a drool-party’ mixed into one), or Cloud Atlas (I am fascinated with the story-lines and the imagery of the future and past and the connections made between each character). I loved that movie, but I decided against reading its book (at least right now) because I want to read the book first, then watch the movie in order to see the disparities.

divergent_hqI then chose Divergent by Veronica Roth. I first saw the trailer for Divergent sometime last year and thought to myself ‘hmm, doesn’t seem like a bad watch’, which to me is reason enough to go read the book. Now, if I read the book and it sucks, then I’ll know not to watch the movie, right?! Sounds like a win-almost win situation to me.

I bought the kindle version so that I have it with me wherever I go, I can just pull out my phone and read. It’s funny though, just the other day I was thinking about how the paperback has gone out of style. You rarely see anyone with an actual book reading . . . unless they’re students or studying. Otherwise, everybody’s nose in planted firmly on their phone screens.

For that very reason I went to the local book store and bought Seeds of Earth at the beginning of January. And for that brief moment I felt nostalgic and somewhat vintage for pulling out an actual book to read. I assume people looked at me strange. I even pulled it out at the theatres the other day as we arrived a little earlier than expected and had a wait before the movie started. While everyone in the cinema was talking, texting, or like my other half, reading on his phone, I had an actual book reading from. It felt strange!

But on the flip side of the coin, the electronic versions are so much more convenient and discrete, not as cumbersome as lugging around a thick or giant-sized book, and wont result in dog-eared, brown, and worn books – the sad sad fate of a well-read book. Plus they are cheaper than the actual book.

Do today’s writers care about the presentation of their works/books? Do they want it in print or is the electronic version fine for them? I think if I were to become an author I would want to have paperback books; the electronic version would be available but I think I would want a physical book with my name on it. Don’t you think? Alright, maybe I’ll just get one copy in print for my benefit. Sounds better?

So yeah, the book for this month is Divergent – a book that became a movie.

What are you reading these days?!


So tell me . . . what do you think?

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